On 2016-10-18 17:52, Ximin Luo wrote:
One straw-man way to resolve this is to move the tests into a separate Debian package 

I still think that this is the real solution, also because it mimics what Sage does: within the Sage-the-distribution build system, Sage-the-library (sagelib) is just one of the many packages.

However, this makes the workflow very awkward for us, especially when it comes 
to distributing binary packages. Debian has automated build systems that build 
things on architectures that the developer doesn't have access to. We would 
have to build sage-library, upload it, wait for the automated systems to build 
it and distribute it, then if this is succesful on all architectures, only then 
can we upload sagemath-distribution to run the actual run-time tests. If any of 
these fail, we have to start the whole loop again.

This really sounds like a Debian-specific problem. I don't understand why Debian makes it so difficult to test a package on the buildbots.

if you guys ever convert sagelib into an spkg and have Sage-the-distribution 
download this as an external dependency (I see that #21507 goes in this 
direction), you will experience this pain yourselves. My guess is you will then 
very likely add an exception into Sage-the-distribution to use a local 
development copy of sagelib, to reduce the write-run-fix loop time.

I don't think that Sage-the-distribution will ever treat sagelib exactly like it does other packages. Even if it is a separate package on PyPI, I expect development to remain essentially the same as today.

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