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Ximin Luo writes:
> We can do "pre-install tests" with Sage 7.3, by doing a "dummy
> install" using Sage's Makefiles, running the tests here, then
> installing them to the "real location". (This requires some patching,
> but we have achieved this already and it works.) However with Sage 7.4
> this is not possible, due to the fpylll situation. Packages in Debian
> (and most other buildsystems) are built and tested as distinct units,
> we can't build A, install A, build B, install B, then test A.

I see the problem here.

> So, a much better alternative of resolving the fpylll issue would be
> to not have fpylll build-depend on Sage.

> (1) I can see that it's possible to build fpylll without Sage, it will
> just have a different API. Could we patch Sage-the-library to use
> fpylll-without-Sage, then have Sage itself convert the non-Sage
> integers into Sage integers?


> So, what are the problems with (1)? If there are no problems, could we
> patch this *before* Sage 7.4 is released? I would be happy to write
> the patch myself, but guidance on where to start would also be much
> appreciated.

It’d be easy to make that work as far as tests are concerned, we’d lose
convenience, though: none of the fpylll functions taking integer
arguments would work out of the box.

Alternatively, we could do the conversion on the Python level instead of
C/C++/Cython. This way, it could be resolved at runtime. There’d be some
overhead, but the Integer conversion functions aren’t really used all
that much.

I’ll give that a try.



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