To whom it may concern,

        I am a student majoring in mathematics. I am top ranked in all of 
my classes and always have been in college. I currently teach mathematics, 
computer science, and English at my school while I take class full time. I 
am very excited and passionate about the GSoC opportunity. The SAGE project 
looks exceptional. I am fervid about mathematics. SAGE would be a great fit 
for me. 
        The "Redesigning the polynomial class hierarchy and linking with 
libraries" idea looks to be utterly within range of what I am capable of 
now. I am definitely open to any other project that could work out for me. 
I would take pride in the opportunity to learn, study, and work with 
mathematics for the summer if I were accepted. I am highly motivated and 
work very hard. I know how to code and am very good at it now.
        What are the best next steps I can take to facilitate this process? 
Any advice and wisdom that is offered will be gravely appreciated. 

David Sult

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