As always, you can get the latest beta version from the "develop" git 
branch. Alternatively, the self-contained source tarball is at 

be66263728 (trac/develop, tag: 8.9.rc0) Updated SageMath version to 8.9.rc0
b15734bd3c Trac #28461: pep cleanup for the quivers folder
78fdc24ae0 Trac #28458: Housekeeping for hypergeometric motives
c9df1eec1e Trac #28462: Bug in computing the second fundamental form of a 
Riemannian submanifold
4c8a1ec7ae Trac #28447: posets: introduce a boolean lequal_matrix
b9d913a529 Trac #28456: py3: fix gapdir fallback
4a4e32914b Trac #28455: 1 doctest failing in src/sage/databases/ 
with tag internet
d5dcbdec66 Trac #28450: networkx 2.3 compatibility
c57d427c88 Trac #27974: Implement facets method for Polyhedron
f0f114cbba Trac #27929: division/inversion of lazy power series
f6d100d920 Trac #28453: Remove obsolete import
f1acb56720 Trac #28325: Fix a regression in the coding package: add back 
e36d588ea1 Trac #28451: eulerian_circuit broken for the graph with vertices 
but no edges
dcc075502e Trac #28448: py3: add symbolic to known passing folders
efbef23066 Trac #28439: Improve parsing in interact mode of interfaces
1f089b67d2 Trac #28430: Polyhedron: Preserve backend for barycentric 
5a84efc939 Trac #28428: pyzmq 18.1.0
1ad1ee62ac Trac #28427: Various improvements to Lie algebras
85b1873b8f Trac #28422: Change keyword argument 'verbose' to 'check' in 
CoordChange.set_inverse() and set the default to True
669f3a8500 Trac #28379: clean normaliz backend
7bbf9655b9 Trac #28356: Enhanced new build_many to use on all platforms
246658ef83 Trac #28317: Use -print-prog-name instead of -print-file-name in 
gcc spkg-configure.m4
16c230b44a Trac #28224: spkg-configure.m4 for lcalc
842c9e0a8d Trac #28220: Cythonize all_simple_paths, all_paths_iterator and 
42d054f7b9 Trac #28219: add a doctest for pynac's rational hash function
50781e760b Trac #28084: move references from graphs/ to references/index.rst
c3678ff546 Trac #28025: Cleanup and fix dict_del_by_value for Python 3.8
c04ab097b1 Trac #27973: Implement wedge over a face of Polyhedron
680f0c59fe Trac #27967: Py3: Fix RecursivelyEnumeratedSet BFS for python3.
9d8a9d0cbe Trac #25919: GelfandTsetlinPattern instances do not compare 
5bc24b13b1 Trac #16605: Nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials tests too slow
7b98f4739d Trac #28405: correct the test for galpol package in pari's 
ba9135fa0c Trac #28401: pass correct --with-flint to eclib's configure
d2eae0752b Trac #28402: incorrect inverse of sparse matrix over inexact 
e049a0078e Trac #28446: pdf doc build is broken by #28271
bdf4b23d74 (tag: 8.9.beta9) Updated SageMath version to 8.9.beta9

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