No quite Stefan I also live in Germany (near Köln) and have had a sam since the very beginning. I now have two, though these days I usually use the emulator.


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I would join as well, if it does no collide with any work appointments. You can imagine how desperate I am for a such a meeting -- the SAM is too exotic for most Germans, so I am a lone warrior over here... J

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How much does it cost to book a venue anyway? We could just organise one ourselves.

On 24 Feb 2014, at 22:25, Mike Nicholas < <>> wrote:

I too would be interested.
SAM was a huge part of my childhood and kept me out of mischief :-)

On 24 February 2014, Thomas Harte < <>> wrote:

    I've never been to one but would definitely try to make some
    effort if something like this were arranged. There's a 90% chance
    it'd be while I'm out of the country but it'd be a good excuse to
    write something.

    On 24 Feb 2014, at 13:42, Andrew Collier <
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    I guess the Sam's 25th birthday is coming up this year.

    I was wondering anybody regularly goes to any of the retro
    computer shows which happen from time to time, and whether there
    would be any interest from sam-users generally to meet up at one
    of them? If there's a good one towards the end of the year we
    could perhaps arrange a few Sam related stands, and 'adopt' it as
    a Sam's 25th anniversary event?


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