Hi Thomas,

there are lots of foreigners in Germany as for many Eastern Europeans, German is their second language and so they choose to come here. The Germans generally don't have the over the top reaction to immigration that you sometimes see in the UK. Obviously everyone's experience is different but in the 40 years I have lived here I have never felt that I was treated any differently from a German, whether personally or when dealing with official departments.
So we love living in Germany and it's given us a good life.

As I only visit the UK about once a year I will unfortunately probably not be able to visit a Sam meet, however I did visit the Museum of Computing once and noticed they had little about home computing before the invention of the micro computer. I sent them a lot of information including info on the start of the British Amateur Computer Club but they never even replied. Oh well, that's life.


Am 25.02.2014 20:43, schrieb Thomas Harte:
How is Germany for foreigners?

Maybe what we should do is contact someone like the Museum of Computing, which obviously isn’t a conference space but often hosts lectures, suggest that the Sam is an interesting topic and ask if we can use whatever they have as lecture space for an evening? Maybe I’m aiming too high but it’s surely an interesting story even for an outsider: what employees of Sinclair did next, how the British computer industry ran out of steam? Then if we happen to combine that with a detailed discussion of the software and so on, so be it?

On 25 Feb 2014, at 10:02, Ian Spencer <i...@spencerweb.net <mailto:i...@spencerweb.net>> wrote:

No quite Stefan I also live in Germany (near Köln) and have had a sam since the very beginning. I now have two, though these days I usually use the emulator.


Am 25.02.2014 04:46, schriebstefan_schomb...@agilent.com:
I would join as well, if it does no collide with any work appointments. You can imagine how desperate I am for a such a meeting – the SAM is too exotic for most Germans, so I am a lone warrior over here…J *From:*owner-sam-us...@nvg.ntnu.no[mailto:owner-sam-us...@nvg.ntnu.no]*On Behalf Of*Thomas Harte
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*Subject:*Re: Retro shows and Sam's 25th birthday
How much does it cost to book a venue anyway? We could just organise one ourselves. On 24 Feb 2014, at 22:25, Mike Nicholas <m...@euroasic.com <mailto:m...@euroasic.com>> wrote:

I too would be interested.
SAM was a huge part of my childhood and kept me out of mischief :-)

On 24 February 2014, Thomas Harte <tomh.retros...@gmail.com <mailto:tomh.retros...@gmail.com>> wrote:

    I’ve never been to one but would definitely try to make some
    effort if something like this were arranged. There’s a 90%
    chance it’d be while I’m out of the country but it’d be a good
    excuse to write something.

    On 24 Feb 2014, at 13:42, Andrew Collier
    <and...@intensity.org.uk <mailto:and...@intensity.org.uk>> wrote:


    I guess the Sam's 25th birthday is coming up this year.

    I was wondering anybody regularly goes to any of the retro
    computer shows which happen from time to time, and whether there
    would be any interest from sam-users generally to meet up at one
    of them? If there's a good one towards the end of the year we
    could perhaps arrange a few Sam related stands, and 'adopt' it
    as a Sam's 25th anniversary event?


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