Argh in addition to Retro Mania 2 there's Forever 14 happening next weekend. Must be retro party/fair season.

I'm interested in a meetup too! Revival 14 gets my vote at the moment (enough time to mebbe polish off something in time for it? :) )


On 27/02/2014 17:59, Thomas Harte wrote:
I found this thread on the Retro Gamer site, 'Upcoming Retro Gaming/Classic Computing events':

Nobody seems to have updated the sticky post at the top with anything recent but if you skip to the last few pages you’ll see a few scheduled for the future. Of those the two that seem least focussed on pinball and arcade machines seem to be:

Retro Mania 2
Wickford Community Centre
Market Rd, Wickford, ESSEX, SS12 0AG
22nd - 23rd MARCH 2014

Revival 2014 […] will now be held on the 9th and 10th August 2014 (in Wolverhampton)

I currently don’t believe I can make either so that’s almost all I have to say about that. Otherwise I would suggest Revival as it’s (i) more than a month away; and (ii) much closer to the birthday. Also they’re promising “a huge selection of competitive traders” which strongly implies a Sam stall could be rented at worst.

On 27 Feb 2014, at 10:11, the wub < <>> wrote:

definitely interested, would be great to meet you guys!

On Wed, Feb 26, 2014 at 9:47 PM, < <>> wrote:

    Quoting Ian Spencer < <>>:

        No quite Stefan I also live in Germany (near Köln) and have
        had a sam since the very beginning. I now have two, though
        these days I usually use the emulator.


    Cologne is a nice place indeed - been there a couple of times
    with the German FGTH Fans.

    Perhaps it's possible to arrange a UK based one and a German one? :)

    Wonder what Tarquin's doing these days....?

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