That £699/£799 SAM has been on eBay for months now.  But if that £442
sale is an indication of things to come then it's certainly creeping
closer to his asking price.  That £799 SAM does look to be in a very
nice condition but £799 for 256k and no floppy drive.  Probably not!
The Jupiter Ace is another machine that fetches serious money on eBay. On 12/03/2014 10:25, Stephen Longhurst wrote:
The guy who constantly puts a Sam up for sale at £699 has upped his price to 
£799 now,, probably off the back of the referenced sale 
going for £442.  Although I don't agree with the greed of attempting to sell a 
Sam at that price, (presumably to an uneducated buyer), I do like the fact that 
if you do a worldwide listing of the eBay Vintage Computer category, and sort 
it by highest price first, the Sam is usually very close to the top.

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