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No SAM activity here at the moment...

My last project (2011 and 2014) for SAM Coupé was an improved remake of
Barry Jones' _Jolly Roger_ (1984), written in Sinclar BASIC for ZX
Spectrum, an old but nice simulation/strategy/adventure game with some
touches of arcade, which I liked.  The port to MasterBASIC worked fine
and looked promising
(http://programandala.net/es.programa.bandera_negra.mbim.html). I used
my MBim preprocessor for MasterBASIC
(http://programandala.net/en.program.mbim.html), which makes things much
easier and lets a cross-development of sorts.  But the bugs in SAM
BASIC's `KEYIN` ruined MBimport
(http://programandala.net/en.program.mbimport.html) the final step of
the toolchain, i.e. importing the final source into SimCoupe.

In 2015 I rewrote the program in Forth with my Solo Forth for ZX
Spectrum 128 (http://programandala.net/en.program.solo_forth.html).
It's called _Black Flag_ and progresses very well

By the way, Solo Forth runs on several ZX Spectrum models and clones
with G+DOS, +3DOS and TR-DOS, and I've considered supporting also the
SAM Coupé with MasterDOS in a future version...  but I think ZX Spectrum
Next (http://specnext.com) will be the _next_ target...


Marcos Cruz

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