I have had this scanner working under Ubuntu 16.04 with the help of Rolf. I
have now switch over to Debian 9 Stable, simply because other programs were
just too unstable to use with Ubuntu. I have everything else working except
the scanner and I am a bit of an Linux Newb so learning Debian is fun. I
understand that Ubuntu repo's like Rolf's may or may not work under Debian
9 without some modification. I had tried loading Rolf's ppa but had
problems. libsane-common would install 1.0.27 but when trying libsane I
would get stuck at libjpeg8 dependency is uninstallable. Found out that
Debian uses libjpeg62-turbo so I have removed the ppa and am back at debian
currently my scanner is not recognized via usb and that could be my fault
for being a newb.

My overall goal is to get updated to the latest 1.0.27 at least and figure
out how to get saned working properly on Debian 9 so that this scanner
works wirelessly again with my network. (This was all working under Ubuntu

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank You

J Curtis Graham
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