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> hello,

        Hi !

> I use "playlist.once" from 2 weeks ago,
> <--
> live = playlist.once("/home/user/live-ambient.lst")
> -->
> and no problem until today.
> Liquidsoap play the list in reverse order (from the end to the start)
> track 13 => track 1
> ???????
> any idea ? very strange issue.

Hey, playlist.once is a quick and dirty wrapper I wrote to use with liq123 and 

Why do you need it ? 

The idea of this operator is to play the list once, and then become 

In particular, the source is not meant to restart once it has played all the 
songs, so I don't understand how it can be used for a live source..

The other idea is that it's an operator written in utils.liq, so it can be 
used as an example to implement your own playlist that does all the fancy 
stuff you need for your radio :-)

> Maybe I have to upgrade because I use an old svn
> version(0.3.6+svn20080319-1) or still waiting until 0.3.7 release.

Soon to come, I hope :-) (but wouldn't whange anything for this issue..)

> except this, it's works perfectly

Good !

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