> Why do you need it ?
> The idea of this operator is to play the list once, and then become
> unavailable.

that's exactly what i need, playing a playlist only one time
in normal order (no random, no reverse) and switch
to another playlist when done.

> In particular, the source is not meant to restart once it has played all the
> songs, so I don't understand how it can be used for a live source..

It's because my playlist, called "live", as nothing to do
with a real "live" source it's just the name i give it.
This playlist is a reggae live presented in 13 separate tracks
I just need liquidsoap read the tracks orderer and when finished
switch to another playlist.
that's the solution I've found. (un peu bricolage, je sais..)
Let me know if there is a better one ??

> The other idea is that it's an operator written in utils.liq, so it can be
> used as an example to implement your own playlist that does all the fancy
> stuff you need for your radio :-)
heu .. je ne pige pas là ?? il y a deja un operateur existant dans
utils.liq ?? j'ai beau regarder dedans je ne vois pas ce que je pourrais
exploiter .. :-/

Merci, thank you

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