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> Peter Amey wrote:
> > There are languages which are more suitable for the construction of
> > high-integrity systems and have been for years.  We could have
> > adopted Modula-2 back in the 1980s, people could take the 
> blinkers of
> > prejudice off and look properly at Ada.  Yet we continue to use
> > C-derived languages with known weaknesses.
> So we trade the known problems for a set of unknown ones?  


A mindset that would have kept us building aircraft in wood!

In any case, we _do_ adopt new languages and methods, frequently.  In the time I have 
been using SPARK I have had people say: "that's neat, if only you could do it for X".  
Where X has been C, C++, Java and C# in that order and at about 5 year intervals.  
What we _don't_ do is make those choices based on any kind of objective assessment or 
engineering judgement.


> Language X may very well be a much better starting point, I 
> don't know. 
>   I do believe that it will never be properly looked at until 
> the whole 
> world starts using it for everything, though.

And how will the whole world start using it if everyone waits for everyone else?

In any case, I don't expect the whole world to adopt any one method (any more than I 
build bicycles in carbon fibre even though that is the material of choice for, say, 
racing cars).   What I do expect is that principled engineers, the kind of people who 
care enough about their profession to contribute to groups like this, will seek to use 
the best and most appropriate technology for their purposes.  


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