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>ljknews wrote:
>> I think it will be properly considered when the most strict portion
>> of the software world is using language X.   I have used many
>> programs where the flaws in the program make it clear that I care not
>> one whit about whether the authors of that program have opinion about
>> anything I might use. They are simply not competent, either as
>> individuals or else as an organization.
> By "most strict portion", do you mean people that care most about correct
> code, proofs, and such?

And organizations that hire the people you describe below to test the
software they build.

> I don't deny that the bulk of the heavy lifting will be done by people
> well-qualified to do so.  However, I'm of the school of thought that
> certain types of people who like to break things, and whose chief skill
> is breaking things, will always have a decent shot at finding a problem.
> There are people who couldn't build it, but they can sure break it.

> You don't typically get their attention until something is really,
> really popular.

Lots of people bring their attention to issues they are paid to test.
Larry Kilgallen

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