Peter Amey wrote:

I'm not entirely sure I follow this.  I _think_ you are saying:
"since we can't be sure that X is perfect (because it might have 5
remaining flaws) then there is no point in adopting it".  You seem to
be saying that it doesn't matter if X is _demonstrably_much_better_
than Y, if it is not perfect then don't change.  Have I got that

No. I was claiming that languages that allow for safety and verifiction can't neccessarily be trusted 100%. There will always be a last few bugs. As I said in my note that you replied to, that doesn't neccessarily mean you don't use it. The other part of my note had to do with the last few bugs not coming to light until *everyone* is using that language. Also not a reason to not go ahead and use it now, since the sooner the world starts to switch, the sooner you kill the last few bugs.

I think you were reacting to the one sarcastic part of my note, which essentially says "good luck getting the world to switch."


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