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> At 1:56 PM -0700 7/7/04, Dana Epp wrote:
> >I don't pick C for C's sake. I choose C because ON AVERAGE, most students will be 
> >exposed to C more than the languages you suggest. Especially in the majority on 
> >industries hiring students out of university.
> Primarily because that is what universities use for training.
> Originally because Unix was so cheap for educational institutions.
> I smell a vicious circle.

I smell a discusion going nowhere. What is the point of teaching a languague?
Teach them to program in a paradigm (better, in all of them, and give them the
tools to make educated choices about which is better for each context), and
choose any language as an *example* of the paradigm.

Latter on, they can pick the particularities of any language by a book.
Remember: don't give them fishes, teach them how to fish.

Having said that, giving a quick overview of C seems like a good idea when
teaching about security, because you can easily show examples of all types of
problems (I think is important, however, to make it clear that their represent a
class of problems, and can happen in many languages, not only in C).

Regards, Fernando.

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