Another perspective on the education problem, keeping in mind that this is a global issue (as most are):

"How Professor Hawking computes"
Posted June 10, 2004 in ALS News

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"Mehta has himself been working with computers since 1971, when he was a student at IIT Delhi. His early exposure to computers was a result of a student programmer scheme started by Professor PCP Bhatt. “There are few activities that match programming in sheer creative potential. On the Internet, programmers can claim to have changed the world. You can make a decent living from it as well,” says he.

" What does he see as the three most important fields where Indian skills should be focussed upon? Mehta says, “Mobile phone applications, particularly m-commerce, and the integration of desktop and mobile apps. Secondly, industrial and home applications, including automation and networking. Thirdly, games, particularly for an older population.”

"His regret is that the quality of programmers churned out by India’s education system is poor. “Those who develop programming skills pretty much learn by themselves, or from their peers. The state of computer education particularly in our schools needs urgent attention, what is taught is horrific and by people with poor skills,” he says.

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