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 > I've been compiling a list of programming languages..

You missed FORTRAN, ICON, REXX, SNOBOL, and the assorted OS-based shell 
scripting languages (bash/csh/ksh/etc., VMS DCL, DOS .bat, etc.).  I've 
heard of JOVIAL, which I *think* is a programming language used almost 
exclusively in the US military.  Since a few companies make things that 
translate it into code, you might consider UML as well.  Then there are 
a gazillion languages for particular commercial packages -- you got 
Oracle's PL/SQL, but there are also dBase/Clipper, FrEd (Framework 
Editor, from an old integrated office suite), Lotus 1-2-3 macros, and 
many more.

Also, depending on your definition of "programming language" (versus 
"markup language" and a few other types), you might have a few extras as 

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