JOVIAL goes back to the 1960s as "Jules' Own Version of the International
Algebraic Language."
ALGOL and IAL are the same thing.  JOVIAL was used almost exclusively by the
United States Air Force.

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> "Michael S Hines" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>  > I've been compiling a list of programming languages..
> You missed FORTRAN, ICON, REXX, SNOBOL, and the assorted OS-based shell
> scripting languages (bash/csh/ksh/etc., VMS DCL, DOS .bat, etc.).  I've
> heard of JOVIAL, which I *think* is a programming language used almost
> exclusively in the US military.  Since a few companies make things that
> translate it into code, you might consider UML as well.  Then there are
> a gazillion languages for particular commercial packages -- you got
> Oracle's PL/SQL, but there are also dBase/Clipper, FrEd (Framework
> Editor, from an old integrated office suite), Lotus 1-2-3 macros, and
> many more.
> Also, depending on your definition of "programming language" (versus
> "markup language" and a few other types), you might have a few extras as
> well.
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