> Changing liability laws on the other hand is a simple solution.

But at what price?  It would kill off open source completely, as far as
I can see, in the jurisdiction(s) in question.  (How many open source
projects could afford to defend a liability suit even if they (a)
wanted to and (b) had a won case?)

Of course, if you don't mind that, go right ahead.  You don't say where
you are, but looking over your message I see reason to thin it's the
USA, and I long ago wrote off the USA as a place to write code.  I
think it could be a very good thing for the USA to try such laws; it
would give us hard data about what their effect is, rather than the
speculation (however well-informed) that's all we have to go on now -
and it quite likely would have the pleasant side effect of pushing most
open source projects out into the free (or at least freer) world.

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