mikeiscool [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:

 > The point remains though: trimming this down into a friendly little
 > phrase is, IMCO, useless.

One of the common problems in trying to persuade the masses of ANYTHING, be it 
the importance of secure software, the factual or moral correctness of your 
political stances, etc., is how to communicate it so that they will understand 
and receive the message.  You can easily confuse them, bore them, or turn them 
against yourself.  Truly putting it on bumper stickers is likely to be useless, 
but this is a useful exercise in thinking how we could express the concept 
briefly and simply.

Another useful thing would be if all engineers would enroll in Toastmasters, 
but that's another story.  ;-)

-Dave, Governor of Toastmasters Area 63 (District 27)

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