Hey folks,

One of my strong beliefs is that we're never going to close the loop on 
"Building Security In" until we get the QA side of the house involved in 
security. To that end, I'm co-chairing VERIFY 2007, a software testing 
conference where we have a security testing track. (In addition to more typical 
QA issues like test automation) I thought some folks on this list may be 
interested in attending, or passing it on to your colleagues in QA 

Conference web site is http://verifyconference.com/ and you can get a 2-page 
"Conference in a Nutshell" PDF here:

Please help me spread the word.

Paco Hope, CISSP
Co-Chair, VERIFY 2007
http://verifyconference.com/ * +1.703.606.1905

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