Upon reading this, I had several thoughts come to mind:

1. If we are to truly solve the last mile, we need to also choose more
mainstream conferences such as STPCon (http://www.stpcon.com) since they
also have an associated magazine (Software Test and Performance) which
may stimulate more magazine articles on the topic. I did a quick run
upstairs to our QA folks and asked them what magazines do they read as
well as awareness of certain conferences.

2. What do you think we can do as a unified group of individuals in
terms of a listserv to encourage various industry analyst firms such as
Gartner, Forrester and The Burton Group to talk about Secure Software
Testing as a research area? Many CIOs and other IT executives put lots
of value into what they say. We need more top down.

3. What would it take to get more speaker diversity? We have to figure
out how to get more end-customers telling their own stories vs vendors
and consulting firms

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Hey folks,

One of my strong beliefs is that we're never going to close the loop on
"Building Security In" until we get the QA side of the house involved in
security. To that end, I'm co-chairing VERIFY 2007, a software testing
conference where we have a security testing track. (In addition to more
typical QA issues like test automation) I thought some folks on this
list may be interested in attending, or passing it on to your colleagues
in QA organizations.

Conference web site is http://verifyconference.com/ and you can get a
2-page "Conference in a Nutshell" PDF here:

Please help me spread the word.

Paco Hope, CISSP
Co-Chair, VERIFY 2007
http://verifyconference.com/ * +1.703.606.1905

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