I figured people on this list might be interested in this.  If you have
any concerns or suggestions about CWE, the upcoming months will be the
best time to raise them in a focused discussion forum, the CWE Researcher

If you don't know what CWE is, then shame on me for not pimping it enough:

- Steve


MITRE has established a list for researchers and other parties who are
interested in detailed discussion of the Common Weakness Enumeration
(CWE).  CWE Draft 6 has over 600 nodes and is seeing increased usage. Over
the summer of 2007, MITRE has identified some themes within CWE that we'd
like to discuss with the community.  So, it's time for some focused

Beginning next week, we will be using this CWE researcher list to conduct
in-depth technical discussions: where CWE is now, what are its strengths
and limitations, and where it needs to be.  We will bring up these larger
discussion points, solicit feedback, and modify CWE accordingly.  (Don't
worry, we won't bother you with the hundreds of minor edits we'll be

We think that you could be an important contributor to the success of
CWE, so we are inviting you to join the list.  Your participation is
encouraged but not required.

To subscribe, see:

or just send an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with the command:


Note: posts to the list will be publicly archived.

We hope you can join!

Thank you,

Steve Christey
CWE Technical Lead

Bob Martin
CWE Project Lead
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