No, there is not a direct connection but Green and InfoSec do have a few degrees of connection.

InfoSec -> Is a part of -> IT -> manages -> Datacenters -> suck up 3% of word power -> is becoming more expensive - > Green - > Al Gore

> RSA conferences *were *focused on infosec, and on cryptography in particular

RSA is a Marketing/Fluff event - As Gary pointed out, there is a 1000-1 "Marketer vs attendee" ratio. Case and point: SANS is teaching there now! :D

- Jim


In response to Stephen's question, you wrote...

What does 'green technology' have to do with infosec?
Data centerers worldwide use at least 3% of all global electricity. With the growing cost of oil/power - most large corporations are looking for ways to reduce power consumption at their data centers. Google is building new database centers near cheap power, cheap land, and cheap water. Sun has "bet the farm" on Green issues. IBM and Intel have green/sustainability departments as well.

Maybe I need someone to connect the dots for me, but IMO, your response
_still_ doesn't adequately answer Stephen's question.

You addressed why 'green technology' is good in general and why businesses
are pursuing it, but not what it has to do w/ information security. Certainly,
if there is a connection here, is is not a direct one.

I don't want to speak for Stephen (but will anyways ;-), but I think it's unfair
to interpret his remark as implying that green technology is bad or some sort
of voodoo. In the context, I think his concern was that in the past, the RSA
conferences were focused on infosec, and on cryptography in particular. 
based on Stephen and gem's comments, it seems to have lost its focus. I think
that's all that was being implied here.

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