Hi Jim,

Wow, that's a flimsy connect-the-dots if I've ever seen one :-)  We could
have fun with this but I don't want to stray 100% off-topic (if we not there

Very coincidentally, I watched South Park Season 10 Episode 6 after my first
post. I rest my case.

I'm sure Al Gore's appearance was a pure Left Coast feel-good kumbaya "we're
doing something to help because we care" type of deal. I hope you don't take
my criticism too serially.

> As Gary pointed out, there is a 1000-1 "Marketer vs attendee" ratio

I guess the bright side is that the female to male ratio was a bit more even


On Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 3:53 AM, Jim Manico <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>  No, there is not a direct connection but Green and InfoSec do have a few
> degrees of connection.
> InfoSec -> Is a part of -> IT -> manages -> Datacenters -> suck up 3% of
> word power -> is becoming more expensive - > Green - > Al Gore
> >  RSA conferences *were *focused on infosec, and on cryptography in
> particular
> RSA is a Marketing/Fluff event - As Gary pointed out, there is a 1000-1
> "Marketer vs attendee" ratio. Case and point: SANS is teaching there now! :D
> - Jim
>  Jim,
> In response to Stephen's question, you wrote...
>  What does 'green technology' have to do with infosec?
>  Data centerers worldwide use at least 3% of all global electricity. With
> the growing cost of oil/power - most large corporations are looking for
> ways to reduce power consumption at their data centers. Google is
> building new database centers near cheap power, cheap land, and cheap
> water. Sun has "bet the farm" on Green issues. IBM and Intel have
> green/sustainability departments as well.
> http://www.baselinemag.com/c/a/Infrastructure/Disruptive-Forces-Sun-Microsystems/
>  Maybe I need someone to connect the dots for me, but IMO, your response
> _still_ doesn't adequately answer Stephen's question.
> You addressed why 'green technology' is good in general and why businesses
> are pursuing it, but not what it has to do w/ information security. Certainly,
> if there is a connection here, is is not a direct one.
> I don't want to speak for Stephen (but will anyways ;-), but I think it's 
> unfair
> to interpret his remark as implying that green technology is bad or some sort
> of voodoo. In the context, I think his concern was that in the past, the RSA
> conferences were focused on infosec, and on cryptography in particular. 
> Apparently,
> based on Stephen and gem's comments, it seems to have lost its focus. I think
> that's all that was being implied here.
> -kevin
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