I think we need to start indoctrinating kids in the womb. Start selling Baby 
Schneier CDs alongside Baby Mozart. :)

Seriously, though, cyberspace is such an integral part of modern life, parents 
need to inculcate online security into their toddlers the same way they teach 
them to look both ways before crossing the street, and not to talk to or get 
into the car with strangers. In essence, we need to teach kids the virtual 
equivalents of these safe behaviours when they go online - which some of them 
are doing as early as age 4! If they can be "brainwashed" that early, they will 
come to have higher expectations of what SHOULD be present with regard to 
security properties in software-based systems. Then the notion won't seem alien 
to them. What will seem alien TO US is that they won't understand the struggles 
we've had to get people to start adding security. The idea of security having 
ever NOT been there will be bizarre to them.

Karen Mercedes Goertzel, CISSP
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Neil Matatall wrote:
> So where does secure coding belong in the curriculum?
> Higher Ed?  High School?
> Undergrad? Grad? Extension?

Secure coding needs to be taught anytime programming is taught....
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