I teach two software security classes at Carnegie Mellon:

CS 15392 Secure Programming - Undergraduate Computer Science

INI 14735  Secure Software Engineering - Graduate Course in Information 
Networking Institute (INI)

The INI materials are on our blackboard system and harder to share, but much of 
the material is the same as the undergraduate course.

If your (or anyone else) is interested in teaching this course (or portions of 
this course) at your college or university I would be happy to share the power 
point slides and other course materials with you.  However, because the SEI 
offers a 4 day version of this course to professional audiences (see, as well as licensing this 
course to organizations to provide this training, this offer only applies to 
higher education and not to professional education.


Robert C. Seacord
Secure Coding Team Lead
CERT / Software Engineering Institute
Work: +1 412.268.7608
FAX:    +1 412.268.6989

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