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> On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 1:08 PM, MAH Maccallum
> <m.a.h.maccal...@qmul.ac.uk> wrote:
>> Thanks, Andrew. I will check those possibilities. A problem
>> with the graphics drivers seems likely in that I get the same
>> result with my default (test) user as with my own personal login.
>> However, logging in as root gives a perfectly normal Gnome
>> screen.So it may be that somehow a permission got changed.
>> What's odd is that this all happened in the course of moving
>> the cursor around and the abrt error message suggests it was
>> moving the cursor across the clock that caused the problem.
> Gnome is *not the friend of getting work done*. Seriously. It's become
> so driven that it interferes with actual work.

That's your experience.

My experience with GNOME 3 on SL7.2 is that is vastly have improved
workflow.  A lot of it comes through very handy keyboard shortcuts and a
handful of GNOME Shell extensions.  In fact I can't imagine any sane
reason to move back to GNOME 2 or anything else - it just feels so
clumsy and horrid to work with for me.  Everything just runs very
smoothly and fine on my ThinkPad T450s.

But this is /my/ experience.

kind regards,

David Sommerseth

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