Hi Everyone,

I know it's kinda too early to ask such thing, but based on TUV practices in 
the past, could someone tell which month we could expect the release of version 
7? Based on that assumption, we could make something up about the possibility 
of the SL 7 release date.

The question arised to me because I need to migrate away from a system on one 
of my workstation, and since I used Gnome 3 on Fedora for some time and I'm 
fond of it, I wouldn't want to go now with version 6, so I was thinking to pay 
for a standalone subscription for RHEL 7 and start using the beta right away. 
At least I could test and get familiar with it until SL 7 arrives.  (Any hint 
on how stable it might be? :)

Can we say, we can expect SL 7 before August? (adding up an estimated time from 
RHEL beta now to RHEL release + SL buld and test)



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