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> On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 09:14:12AM +1000, Joel Nothman wrote:
> > One downside is that there does not yet seem to be a way to search for
> > PRs with a specified level of approval (while searching for "MRG+1"
> sort-of
> > works).
> Yes, I do that a lot. So this is not a great improvement for me.

A lot of the new features, including this, do not seem to have Github APIs
(or at least documentation) yet. When we adopted title hacking, PRs could
not receive labels. *Would labels be an improvement over title hacking for
recording approval status?*

I think it would be worth trying to have a rough *priority ranking for
things we'd like to see in 0.19*. However the Github Milestones feature is
a bit crippled in UI: you can rank issues, but cannot filter by anything
but open/closed, so for instance cannot see bugs and non-bugs separately.
Perhaps Projects come to supersede that, although I think they work best
for small-scale sprints rather than release-level milestones. And you
cannot search sorted by milestone priority.

Apart from an interface for manual prioritising, I think we would benefit
from *automatic labelling*:
* of issues to say when a PR mentioning the issue exists
* of PRs to say whether there's been 1 or 2 LGTMs by core devs

There are a number of issue labelling bots around -- https://github.com/
botdylan/botdylan seems to be one of the more configurable -- but hosted
solutions don't seem readily available.

Does anyone know of strong preferences for tracking + labelling bot
solutions? waffle.io seems to go in this direction but is relatively
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