On 09/19/2016 09:56 PM, Nelle Varoquaux wrote:
Another bot-able tool might be pinging inactive PRs to ask if they're being
worked on, and labelling "Needs contributor" if there's no reply within n
That kind of only works when the status is "waiting for changes",
and not "waiting for reviews". I guess we could tag all old issues
or use the new interface (though you said that's not scriptable yet?)
So we would need to actually use the "needs reviews" tag and add an
"waiting for changes" tag. And I guess the "waiting for changes" should be
removed automatically when the author changed something and changed to "needs review"?

Is there an API to access the "fixes #ISSUE" thing for auto-closing? Just mentioning an issue
doesn't mean it's a PR to solve the issue.

If PRs are inactive, it might also be interesting to tag them as
easy_fix when there is little to do.

That's much harder to automate though.
I know that I often misjudge the amount that is left to do in a PR,
not sure if bots are better at that than humans yet.

Are there bots with LSTM support yet? ;)
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