I have downloaded the source for this project have and have a number

Most of the code seems be under the scm directory. ie:


There is a POM at the highest level, with an artifact ID of maven-scm,
which indicates many sub-directories as sub-modules.

However, there is one sub-module that confuses me: maven-scm-plugin. You
would normally expect the parent for this pom to be the parent in the
higher directory.

However, this isn't the case. Its parent is maven-plugins which is a
different artifact altogether. This really seems to make building and
versioning of the entire project confusing.

Do you release the maven-scm project or the maven-scm-plugin project? I
naturally expected to release the maven-scm project but the
maven-scm-plugin stands out in that it doesn't define maven-scm as the
parent and it also includes all the maven-scm submodule projects as
dependancies by explicitly specifying their version. How are the version
numbers of all these dependencies incremented when a new version of the
plugin is released?

Todd Thiessen

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