i'm thea.  to tell you all the truth i have no clue how i ended up on this 
list, but hey, that's cool...
i'm feeling like i have to confess all this stuff, like that i don't really 
no all that much about sdre except that i love them.  i've never been much 
of a fan of anything so it's pretty wierd to be involved in this type of 
thing.  obviously i'm having issues...
okay, so i can't even figure out exactly what emo is or if sunny day real 
estate truly fits into that genre.  what i would really love is if you 
people out there would tell me about some bands that may have the same sort 
of sound, the same rawness, passion, y'know.  that would  be great.
also, what is this about jeremy being hardcore born again christian?  for 
some reason that freaks me out.  it's totally none of my business, but if 
someone doesn't mind i would like to know more of the story.
thanx a bunch
you all are peaches
always thea

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