I maintain a couple Rails 4.0 sites (written by someone else) that use 
Javascript to control the Vimeo video player. Works reasonably well, but 
has stopped working at some point in IE11, if it ever did (though it 
probably did, otherwise there would have been complaints earlier).

If I use ngrok to access in Windows 7/IE11 my development version running 
on a Mac, the code works. It's when it's bottled up by sprockets that it 

I'm halfway proficient with the Developer Tools in Chrome, not so much in 
Windows, though I'll get there. But the code is jammed together, not for 
human consumption.

I've already fixed some gnarly code problems and the client is getting 
freaked about costs.

I guess I could turn off the asset pipeline in production. Any other 
suggestions for how to figure this out?


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