Thanks and Goodbye

2017-05-30 Thread Joshua Hunter via 4D_Tech
After 7 years working with Cheryl Michels and her team at Dataworks Development building Freezerworks I've decided it is time to move on. Before I go I wanted to reach out to everyone on the iNug and those that I met at Summits and other conferences to say thank you for the help you've given me

RE: Can't delete methods

2017-05-17 Thread Joshua Hunter via 4D_Tech
Doug, We had this problem with a few methods. Went on for years. We could edit the content, but not delete them (tried every single 4D user including designer). At some point after multiple 4D version upgrades and repairs we were able to remove them. Not sure what the exact fix was. I just

RE: How can I suppress the web server creating default index.html?

2017-04-14 Thread Joshua Hunter via 4D_Tech
I haven't tried but could you either: a) Use WEB SET ROOT FOLDER to change the web root on startup to an empty directory -or- b) delete the file after it is created on startup Joshua Hunter (425)673-1974 Dataworks Development, Inc. Providing secure and

RE: 4D Server Crashes When Tracing Buggy Web Connection Code

2017-04-06 Thread Joshua Hunter via 4D_Tech
The web server process is very sensitive to any bugs. We ran into the exact problem you are having. Our web team was suddenly very unpopular with the other developers. Any bug and the whole app would crash. We no longer run any code on the web server process on 4D server. Instead we run a

RE: LEP and Python Script

2017-02-15 Thread Joshua Hunter via 4D_Tech
Cannon, The way your script is setup it looks like you are passing it one or more file names or paths. That will work, but if you want to pass it data directly you could pass in a json string and then read the command line arguments by importing the sys module. Then sys.argv will be a list