Re: Heaven's Reach

2013-05-16 Thread William Taylor
1. When Gillian traded things with Uriel, did she takeany rewqs? They'd be very valuable both for Earthclanand for that Hoon colony Alvin and Huck moved to. Not mentioned. Could go either way if our good Dr. has anything planned. And you forgot to mention Mudfoot. (Then again, Contacting

Re: Uplift questions

2014-03-03 Thread William Taylor
Well, since I have joined this mailing list I can ask some questions that I've wondered about. I haven't read Heaven's Reach in a while, but I don't remember the book answering these questions. Maybe some list members might know. Spoiler warning to anyone who hasn't read Heaven's

Re: Introducing Myself

2014-03-04 Thread William Taylor
-Original Message- From: Charlie Bell To: Killer Bs (David Brin et al) Discussion Sent: Tue, Mar 4, 2014 6:22 am Subject: Re: Introducing Myself I doubt it’ll ever reach the volumes of The Old Days again (unless DB WRITES MORE UPLIFT

Re: Introducing Myself

2014-03-06 Thread William Taylor
Wouldn't that be nice! Heaven's Reach ended on gigantic cliffhangers, such as WILL HUMANITY GO EXTICT!? :p Heaven's Reach ended with a giant rocket made of boo lifting off of Jijo. A long time had passed since Streaker had left. The cliffhangers of Jijo: The Jophur were in control the

Re: Introducing Myself

2014-03-06 Thread William Taylor
-Original Message- From: Ellen S. To: Killer Bs (David Brin et al) Discussion Sent: Thu, Mar 6, 2014 11:38 am Subject: RE: Introducing Myself And then Temptation introduced a bunch more cliffhangers to the situation on Jijo, via the Buyur. I

Re: Gravitational Waves

2014-03-31 Thread William Taylor
2. Come close to disproving the cyclical (oscillating universe) and ekpyrotic (colliding branes) theories. Um... does this replace the colliding brains theory? When all else in the universe collapses, the only things left will be Bluebottle and Eccles. Who will immediately hit each other