[cia-drugs] Re: [truthabout911] The Role of the Neocons and the Israel Lobby in the Bush 43 Administration

2007-09-12 Thread RoadsEnd
Sean, this is all very incongruous also very erudite and flashy and again includes your regular demeaning remarks. And again you never answer direct questions. Sean/John if George Bush is truly a Christian Zionist and in direct opposition to his father, is this just a little squabble or a

[cia-drugs] We're All Suspects: As our civil liberties disappear, where are the Democrats?

2007-09-12 Thread norgesen
We're All Suspects As our civil liberties disappear, where are the Democrats? by Nat Hentoff September 11th, 2007 On October 11, 2001, the Senate was about to vote on the USA Patriot Act. Democratic majority leader Tom Daschle hastily called a caucus of his troops and ordered them not to

[cia-drugs] No Light at the End of the Tunnel

2007-09-12 Thread RoadsEnd
http://madcowprod.com/No Light at the End of the TunnelFrom Dallas to 9/11 to Iraq: The War on the TruthIt’s déjà vu all over again...And enough to give anyone old enough to remember Vietnam a nightmarish sense of having been right there—exactly there—before.The surge in Iraq is not what it was

[cia-drugs] -Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) calls for attacks on (Sellout) Colleagues-

2007-09-12 Thread Useful Idiot
http://thehill.com/leading-the-news/woolsey-calls-for-attacks-on-colleagues-2007-09-12.html Woolsey (D-Calif.) calls for attacks on colleagues By Jonathan E. Kaplan September 12, 2007 Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) is encouraging anti-war activists to find challengers to


2007-09-12 Thread RoadsEnd
http://www.brandweeknrx.com/2007/09/covington-burli.htmlSEPTEMBER 12, 2007COVINGTON BURLING, A PFIZER LAW FIRM, CAUGHT CLEANING UP ITS REPUTATION ON WIKIPEDIA.We recently wrote that several drug companies have been caught deleting important information from Wikipedia, in order to downplay the

[cia-drugs] A few thoughts

2007-09-12 Thread Arlene Johnson
A man named Tim White is calling me a liar in Emails. So since I know that I don't lie and God knows it too, that could mean that Tim White is a liar. Since joining this listserv in 1999 or 2000 at the latest, I have learned many things from people who post on this listserv. One of those pieces

[cia-drugs] Fwd: FACTS ABOUT 9 -11

2007-09-12 Thread Dr.Syed.S. Ahmed
--- In [EMAIL PROTECTED], Dr.Syed.S. Ahmed [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Fact 1: The Twin Towers are the first concrete and steel structures ever to collapse from fire. Many have burned, some even after being hit by a plane (on accident). None have ever collapsed. Fire + Concrete + Steel = No

[cia-drugs] Re: [truthabout911] Re: Internet Stalkers

2007-09-12 Thread RoadsEnd
Engaging talk for a cowardly anonymouse. Again, you no not of what you speak. Peace, Kris Millegan On Sep 12, 2007, at 12:35 PM, banoyes2 wrote: There is a lot of background on Hopsicker. He is a CIA asset and you are a stooge, for him ,or the company and since when is being a lying CIA