Re: [CODE4LIB] SerSol 360Link API?

2010-04-19 Thread David Pattern
Hiya We're using it to add e-holdings into to our OPAC, e.g. I've also tried using the API to add the coverage info to the availability text for journals in Summon (e.g. Availability: print (1998-2005) electronic (2000-present)). I've made quite

Re: [CODE4LIB] calling another webpage within CGI script

2009-11-24 Thread David Pattern
Hi Ken Are you behind a web proxy server or firewall? If so, you'll probably need to specify a proxy server in the script. If the proxy is defined in the environment variables on the server, then you can use... my $ua = LWP::UserAgent-new( timeout = 60 ); $ua-env_proxy(); ...otherwise,

[CODE4LIB] developer competition - library usage data

2009-07-31 Thread David Pattern
Hi everyone Just a quick plug for a developer competition that's being run by the JISC funded MOSAIC (Making Our Shared Activity Information Count) Project in the UK: The usage data can be found for download via:

[CODE4LIB] Mashed Library UK 2009 - registration now open

2009-05-01 Thread David Pattern
Hope this might be of interest to some of you. I'm not sure how feasible it'll be to stream and/or video the event, but we're currently looking into it. regards Dave Pattern University of Huddersfield - Mashed Library UK 2009: Mash Oop North! Date: Tuesday 7th July 2009 Time:

Re: [CODE4LIB] [Web4lib] A million free covers, from LibraryThing

2008-08-07 Thread David Pattern
Publishers make their covers available to them and to others because they desperately want their covers out there. You can get covers from publishers with amazing ease. I do not suspect Amazon or Syndetics have licensed the covers in any way. Having worked for a number of years for a

Re: [CODE4LIB] facebook

2008-01-07 Thread David Pattern
Thanks Eric! I had a little mess around with the Perl Facebook API last year, but didn't get very far. Out of interest, once you've got the first fortune, when you refresh your FB profile does it trigger a new fortune to be sent or do you see the same (e.g. cached) fortune? What I want to do is

[CODE4LIB] OPAC survey - initial findings

2007-04-16 Thread David Pattern
Hi all! Many thanks to everyone who responded to the recent OPAC survey -- in total there were 729 responses. I'll be publishing an informal PDF report sometime around the end of May, but I've already stated adding data, graphs and initial findings to my weblog. I'd love to know if there are

Re: [CODE4LIB] external linking to your images

2006-03-31 Thread David Pattern
Hi Eric If I were you, I'd replace your first home picture with one showing a condemned property (e.g. so that it appears on their web site. If you have admin access, then you can usually set up rules to limit which referring sites

Re: [CODE4LIB] external linking to your images

2006-03-31 Thread David Pattern
of doing it. Hope that helps! Dave -Original Message- From: Code for Libraries [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Eric Lease Morgan Sent: 31 March 2006 13:59 To: Subject: Re: [CODE4LIB] external linking to your images On Mar 31, 2006, at 7:37 AM, David