[CODE4LIB] Special EdUI promotional code

2009-07-29 Thread EdUI Conference
[http://www.virginiafoundation.org/enewsletter/edui/july0929.html] Don't See The Images? Click Here [http://www.eduiconf.org] Greetings! We heard from many of you that you just got approval to register for EdUI but at the early bird rate of $500. So until August 7th we're giving you one last

[CODE4LIB] EdUI Conference - Registration ends Sept. 15 (usability, design, coding, social media, and more)

2009-09-11 Thread EdUI Conference
=== REGISTRATION ENDS TUE. SEPT. 15 === It's only a matter of days to go until the EdUI Conference Sept. 21-22 in Charlottesville VA! So now is the time to register if you haven't already. http://edui.eventbrite.com === ABOUT EDUI === http://eduiconf.org If you don't yet know what EdUI

[CODE4LIB] Call For Proposals - edUi 2010

2010-04-16 Thread EdUI Conference
(i...@eduiconf.org) forwarded this message to you with the following note: Follow this link to subscribe: http://app.icontact.com/icp/mmail-changestatus.pl?l=2328r=1050599734s=1VC7m=5471218c=37488status=add Don't See The Images? Visit:

[CODE4LIB] Fwd: Registration is Open! - edUi 2010

2010-04-27 Thread EdUI Conference
This message was sent from EdUI Conference to i...@eduiconf.org. It was sent from: Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, 145 Ednam Drive, Charlottesville, VA 22903. You can modify/update your subscription via the link below. Email Marketing by http://www.icontact.com/a.pl/144186 [image: iContact

Re: [CODE4LIB] CODE4LIB Digest - 23 Apr 2010 to 26 Apr 2010 (#2010-101)

2010-04-27 Thread EdUI Conference
Mark Code4Lib Subscribers, Sorry if we spammed your list, that wasn't our intent. Rest assured we do not have Code4Lib signed up on any email list. I did forward a couple of messages like our call for proposals and registration announcement to the code4lib list-serve in the hope that

[CODE4LIB] proposal deadline approaches

2010-06-15 Thread EdUI Conference
For those of you looking for an opportunity to showcase a project, talk about web design, user experience or just about anything web, here's a quick reminder that the edUi 2010 http://eduiconf.org deadline for proposals is about one month away. What is edUi? A learning opportunity for web

[CODE4LIB] Fwd: Proposal Deadline + Paul Boag @ edUi 2010

2010-07-08 Thread EdUI Conference
Here's a final reminder about the call for proposal deadline for the edUi Conference. We're specifically looking for proposals from library and museum folks. The deadline is July 16th. edUi 2010 will be in Charlottesville, VA Nov. 8-9. -Trey -- Forwarded message -- From: Trey

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2010 Conference Schedule now available

2010-08-27 Thread EdUI Conference
for the edUi conference schedule, you can now safely exhale. In addition to the headline presenters we've been telling you about for the last few months, we are now pleased to announce the rest of the conference line-up. View the full conference schedule: [http://eduiconf.org/program/] Early Bird

[CODE4LIB] Fwd: Early Bird Deadline Sept. 17th - edUi 2010

2010-09-15 Thread EdUI Conference
in the fields of web design, development, user interface and user experience talk about how these fields can be leveraged at institutions of learning. Register by Friday and save $100:  http://edui2010.eventbrite.com -Trey -- Forwarded message -- From: EdUI Conference i...@eduiconf.org

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2010 Cost Comparison

2010-09-29 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib, edUi 201 http://eduiconf.org/0 is just around the corner. If you've been on the fence about attending or need some help convincing your boss to pay for it, take a look at this cost comparisonhttp://www.virginiafoundation.org/enewsletter/edui/2010/costcomparison.html . edUi is a great

[CODE4LIB] processing.js workshop almost full

2010-10-19 Thread EdUI Conference
Just in case any Code4lib readers were still thinking about coming to edUi 2010 in November, I wanted to let you know that Alistair MacDonald's workshop, Rich UI No Plugins Required is almost full. There are only a few slots left. If you want to attend and have one of the masters walk you

[CODE4LIB] Fwd: The final incentive to register for edUi 2010

2010-11-04 Thread EdUI Conference
For anyone interested in web design and development at institutions of learning, here's your final incentive to attend edUi 2010. Hope you can join us! -Trey -- Forwarded message -- From: EdUI Conference i...@eduiconf.org Date: Thu, Nov 4, 2010 at 9:31 AM Subject: The final

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2011 Save The Date

2011-01-31 Thread EdUI Conference
edUi is a conference on web design, user interface and user experience design for web professionals working with institutions of learning including: higher ed, museums and libraries. The 2011 conference will take place in Richmond Va on Oct. 13-14. More details below. -Trey View As Webpage [

Re: [CODE4LIB] CODE4LIB Digest - 23 Jun 2011 to 24 Jun 2011 (#2011-156)

2011-06-27 Thread EdUI Conference
If any code4lib folks are still thinking about submitting a proposal to speak at edUi 2011 remember the deadline is Thursday June 30th. edUi is a conference on web design/development and user interface and user experience design for colleges, universities, museums and libraries. Speakers

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2010 Conference Schedule now available

2011-08-10 Thread EdUI Conference
The schedule for edUi 2011 has been posted. Check out the schedule: http://eduiconf.org/schedule/ Or read the announcement:http://edui.createsend1.com/t/r/e/tyjrkhd/l/f/ Topics include: content strategy, HTML5, CSS3, Mobile web, prototyping, user research, visual design, as well as some

[CODE4LIB] Library sessions at edUi 2011

2011-08-25 Thread EdUI Conference
The early bird deadline for edUi is one week away. Register by Sept. 1 to save $100 http://eduiconf.org Check out these library related sessions: jQuery Mobile Website: http://eduiconf.org/?p=381 Hoarders - Library Edition: http://eduiconf.org/?p=372 Competitive Usability Testing:

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2011 discount

2011-09-15 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4lib readers can save $100 on edUi 2011 with the discount code library. What is edUi? A conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities, libraries, museums and other institutions of learning. Check out a few of these sessions: jQuery Mobile Website:

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2012 Call For Proposals

2012-03-14 Thread EdUI Conference
I thought some of you library code jockeys might be interested in this call for proposals for edUi 2012. -Trey We Want You @ edUi 2012 We seek dynamic speakers willing to share their knowledge and expertise about Web design, user experience design and development. Preference is given to

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2012 Registration Open

2012-04-02 Thread EdUI Conference
I thought I'd pass along this announcement to the Code4Lib community about registration opening for edUi 2012 (http://eduiconf.org). The call for proposals is currently open as well. What is edUi? edUi is a conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and

[CODE4LIB] edUi Workshops

2012-05-10 Thread EdUI Conference
Hi, I thought a few on the code for lib list might be interested to hear that the edUi conference (for web professionals serving institutions of learning) has announced our workshops and workshop descriptions. One half-day workshop is included with registration. http://eduiconf.org -Trey

[CODE4LIB] edUi Call For Proposal Deadline Approaches

2012-06-01 Thread EdUI Conference
If any members of the Code4Lib community are considering submitting a proposal to the edUi 2012 conference, the deadline is just two weeks away. Featured speakers include Jared Spool, Aneesh Chopra, Derek Featherstone, Whitney Hess, Jason Cranford Teague, Jay Blanchard, Jeff Gothelf, Stephanie

[CODE4LIB] edUi Early Bird Deadline

2012-08-06 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib folks, The edUi conference early bird deadline is this Friday. We posted our full schedule http://eduiconf.org/schedule/a few weeks back, but in case you missed it, here are some sessions by library web professionals you might be interested in: Speed Is a Feature: Performance

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2012 discount code reminder

2012-09-05 Thread EdUI Conference
Just a reminder that Code4Lib subscribers can save $100 on edUi 2012 by using the discount code library when you register. http://edui2012.eventbrite.com/?discount=library What is edUi? edUi is a conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities, libraries and museums. This year

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2012 tickets still available

2012-09-17 Thread EdUI Conference
With just a week to go we've still got some tickets for edUi 2012 ( http://eduiconf.org) available. We sold out last year and we'd love to repeat that success again this year. We still have space in three of our workshops: LeanUX, jQuery, Web Accessibility (one is included with your registration).

[CODE4LIB] edUi Call For Proposals

2013-03-28 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib readers, many of you have been speakers at edUihttp://eduiconf.orgin the past and I wanted to pass along our call for proposals once again. Hope you can join us! -Trey *Put the U in edUi!* ** We all know what elements are the most important to any conference experience: The

[CODE4LIB] edUi Call For Proposals Deadline

2013-04-30 Thread EdUI Conference
A quick reminder for the code4lib community. The edUi conference call for proposals http://eduiconf.org/?p=3158deadline is this Friday May 3rd. This is your chance to share a stage with Aaron Gustafson, Kim Goodwin, Crystal Beasley, Kathryn Zickuhr, Jason Toth, Paul Koch and Nishant Kothary

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2013 Schedule

2013-06-20 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib Community, I thought you might be interested in this announcement about the edUi 2013 program. edUi is a conference for web professionals serving higher ed, libraries, and museums. It takes place this November in Richmond, VA. -Trey edUi 2013 Schedule Now Available The long wait is

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2013 Early Bird

2013-08-13 Thread EdUI Conference
Just a quick reminder to code4lib subscribers that there are fewer than 60 early bird tickets left for the edUi 2013 conference http://eduiconf.org. We don't have an early bird deadline this year, we just made a set number of tickets available at $450. Once they're gone the price goes up to $550.

[CODE4LIB] edUi Discount

2013-09-30 Thread EdUI Conference
Registrations for the edUi conference are going gangbusters. Even if you missed out on our early bird tickets, Code4Lib subscribers can still register for $450. Just use the discount code 'library' when you registerhttp://eduiconf.org/register/?discount=library . Some sessions Code4Lib

[CODE4LIB] edUi Discount

2013-10-14 Thread EdUI Conference
Just a reminder that there’s still time to register for the edUi Conferencehttp://eduiconf.org/(Nov. 4-6 Richmond, VA). Code4lib readers can save $100 on registration (usually $550) with the discount codelibrary http://eduiconf.org/register/?discount=library. Here are some session code4lib

[CODE4LIB] Fwd: Put the U in edUi - Call for Proposals

2014-03-10 Thread EdUI Conference
Cobe4Library Folks, Just thought you all might want to know the edUi Call for Proposals is open. Deadline is April 4! -Trey -- Forwarded message -- From: edUi Conference i...@eduiconf.org Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 10:32 AM Subject: Put the U in edUi - Call for Proposals To: i

[CODE4LIB] edUi Proposal Deadline

2014-03-25 Thread EdUI Conference
Hey Code4Libers, The proposal deadline for edUi is less than 2 weeks away! Deadline is April 4th. http://eduiconf.org/speak-edui/ What is edUi? edUi is a conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities, libraries, and museums. Why Submit a Proposal? Everyone who submits a

[CODE4LIB] edUi Registration Open

2014-04-09 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib Readers, Registration for edUi 2014 is open! Hope you can join us. -Trey Web Version http://edui.createsend1.com/t/r-e-xouddk-l-q/ *Registration is Open* The call for proposals closed last week and registration is now open! Register Now http://eduiconf.org/register/ Why register

[CODE4LIB] edUi Schedule

2014-05-27 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib readers, The schedule for the 2014 edUi conference http://eduiconf.org/schedule/has been announced! *Keynotes * A Brief History of Tomorrow http://eduiconf.org/sessions/edui_tomorrow/ – Matt Novak Stop Doing What You’re Told http://eduiconf.org/sessions/edui_told/ – Stephen P

[CODE4LIB] edUi Discount

2014-09-05 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib, The edUi conference early bird tickets have all sold out, but we’re extending the early bird pricing ($500) for Code4Lib subscribers with the discount code library http://eduiconf.org/register/?discount=library. Not already familiar with edUi? edUi is a conference for web

[CODE4LIB] edUi Last Call

2014-09-18 Thread EdUI Conference
One last call to the code4lib list about the edUi conference. The conference is coming up Sept. 29-Oct. 1 in Richmond VA. Discount code library will save you $100 off registration. The conference is focused on User Experience and User Interface for colleges, universities, libraries and museums

[CODE4LIB] edUi Call For Proposals is Open

2015-04-06 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib Readers, The edUi 2015 Conference Call for Proposals http://edui.createsend1.com/t/ViewEmail/r/BA9D3C09111F02A12540EF23F30FEDED/C4613A028E4A31047F4E5A579FEBB2E9 opened this morning and I invite you to submit a proposal. edUi http://eduiconf.org/ is a User Interface/User Experience

[CODE4LIB] edUi schedule available

2015-06-17 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib subscribers, The schedule for the 2015 edUi conference was just posted yesterday. edUi is a UI and UX conference for higher ed, libraries, and museums. The 2015 conference takes place in Charlottesville, VA Nov. 9-11. Check it out! http://eduiconf.org/schedule/ -Trey

[CODE4LIB] edUi just around the corner

2015-10-27 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib readers, Here's a final reminder that edUi is just around the corner. We've only got 20 seats left, so register now before we sell out! http://eduiconf.org You can save $100 with discount code CODE4LIB Hope to see you in a few weeks! -Trey

[CODE4LIB] edUi discount

2015-10-13 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Libers, We're offering $100 off edUi registration for Code4Lib subscribers with the following discount code. Code: Code4Lib Register: http://eduiconf.org/register This effectively extends the early bird price for you in case you missed it. Don't know what edUi is? It's a UX and UI

[CODE4LIB] edUi 2015

2015-10-05 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib readers, The edUi 2015 conference [http://eduiconf.org] is about 5 weeks away. There are still 12 early bird tickets available at $500. If you’re not familiar with edUi, it’s a user interface and use experience conference for people working in higher education, libraries, and

[CODE4LIB] edUi Schedule Live

2016-06-14 Thread EdUI Conference
Code4Lib, Hey, just a quick note to let you know the edUi 2016 schedule is now live! edUi is a UI/UX conference that caters to higher ed, libraries, and museums. It's taking place Oct. 24-26 in Charlottesville, VA. The opening keynote this year is Steve Krug! http://eduiconf.org -Trey

[CODE4LIB] edUi call for proposals closing!

2016-04-11 Thread EdUI Conference
The call for proposals for edUi 2016 closes in one week (Monday 4/18)! edUi is a conference on UX and UI for highered, libraries, and museums. Featured speakers this year include Steve Krug, Josh Clark, Donna Spencer, and Jen Golbeck. Check it out: http://eduiconf.org Everyone who submits

[CODE4LIB] edUi Call For Proposals

2016-03-07 Thread EdUI Conference
Hey Code4Libers, The edUi conference call for proposals opens up in two weeks! Accepted speakers get a complimentary registration. Half-day workshop leaders get $1200! http://eduiconf.org/2016/call-for-proposals-what-to-expect/ -Trey