Re: CompuLab‘s exeda

2010-01-30 Thread Vinzenz Hersche
woow, i've just a short look on the phone, but it seems to be very very 
nice :D

may i let the openpandora-idea be and do stuff with this thing.. :)

thx for the hint, brolin..

if someone is interessted to the prices..
does someone know if there's a linux (not android!) with a stable gsm-
connection for it? as i read, angstrom is supportet, but does it work stable 
and support the gsm-things?
Brolin schrieb am Samstag 30 Januar 2010:
Brolin Empey wrote:
 William Kenworthy wrote:
 I'd looked at this one but its not 3G capable.

 Then why does list “A choice of
 wireless voice/data modem – quad band GSM/GPRS, CDMA or 3G UMTS”?

Grr, I mistakenly expected my MUA (Thunderbird) to send my message with 
the lines (hard) wrapped as shown in the Compose window, but it sent my 
message without like breaks in the long lines. :(  The “^^^” was 
supposed to under “3G UMTS”, but you probably already guessed that. ;)

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Openmoko community mailing list

Re: dynamically generating ringtones based on the calling phone number

2010-01-30 Thread Brolin Empey
Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
 Brolin  writes:
 PS:  How many Openmoko users make their own ringtones?

 is how I made my ringtone as loud as possible. If you know how to make
 it even louder, I am interested :-)

Cool!  I had never heard of the ABC music notation format before today. 
  abc2midi looks useful for non-interactively building MIDI files and/or 
input to feed to timidity.

I used wget to leech your ringtone/ directory:

$ time wget -rkKp -nd -np

I used to use wget a lot for jobs like this, but for the past few years 
I have mostly used it simply to download single files.  It was fun to 
“get back into” mirroring with wget!

I was considering writing 2 SIDs from Black Mail’s famous 1991 C64 demo 
“Dutch Breeze” as .wav files so I could use them as ringtones:

in the HVSC under C64Music\Ouwehand_Reyn:


I still have not done so, though, so I am still using Random Voice - 
Monday as my ringtone.

I love these oldskool chiptunes so much, even if I was only 4 when they 
were released! :P

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