Re: social get-together around Linuxworld

2008-08-02 Thread Jeremy Chang

I will also be there, attending LinuxWorld.   
BoF would be great. 

Jeremy Chang
On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 11:55:37PM -0700, Sameer Verma wrote:
 Sameer Verma wrote:
  Michael Shiloh wrote:

  Hey everyone,
  There seem to be a fair number of you in the San Francisco Bay Area, and 
  in addition to myself who lives in SF, there will be some others from 
  Openmoko in town.
  What do you say to a social gathering?

  Sounds like fun!

  We used to have a wiki page for events. If someone can send me a link to 
  it, I'll find out from others when is a good time, and post an event, 
  perhaps at a local bar.
  Alternately, or in addition to, what do you say to a BoF?

  A BoF would be great, except that LinuxWorld's page says that call for
  BoFs are now closed. The BoF may have to be at a Bar.

 Here's the page on Call for BoFs.
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My summary from LinuxWorld

2008-08-11 Thread Jeremy Chang
I forward my trip report from LinuxWorld here. :)
Best Regards,
Jeremy Chang

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Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 16:18:59 +0800
From: Jeremy Chang [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Subject: [gta02] My summary from LinuxWorld

I will make my summary from LinuxWorld.

I think this exhibit to openmoko is indeed worthy, many people
getting impressed we made our device open, that's great both for
Linux users and developers. Many people attracted to our booth
and got understanding about what's openmoko, what's our business
model, where we are based.

Most of the time of the three days, I was at the Garage booth. We
showed four different distribution images that are 2007.2, ASU, FSO,
Qtopia. It's great here, lots of people coming, some are vendors,
also exhibitors there. Half of the coming people are already heard
about Openmoko, but not knowing very much or not ever hold the neo
freerunner, seen the ASU, FSO, etc. Some got interested about
openmoko project, our device and are gonna buy it.
Still some people knowing Openmoko but are waiting us to make it

From my perspective from LinuxWorld, many are looking forward to 3G
or EDGE, some are waiting us to make it as stable as a daily phone.
Some people question us when we gonna make it to mass market, also
want to know what will be our next device.

It's also great to meet Michael, Steve, Pat and some local
volunteers from our community, like Jeffrey, Brian,Chris, Ken, Lothar,
Lohai, etc. I worked well with them and thanks for their great help.

I got more excited and confident about we can enlarge our community
more, and Indeed so many people got interested. To me, it's also a
great opportuniy to meet los of people, getting knowing each other
from other booths, companies.

Jeremy Chang

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Re: Optimization team update (11/02 ~ 11/08)

2008-11-14 Thread Jeremy Chang
On Sat, Nov 08, 2008 at 12:28:32PM +0100, Petr Vanek wrote:
 Hi community,
 Hi John Lee, thank you for the great update :) Great work, thank you!
 I haven't tried yet but today want to download the testing quick boot
 image from last week to see the difference :)
 Jeremy looked into the two issues about suspend/resume that we may fix
 in userspace.  One is #1991, here is his update:
 Another one #1347 is about after the resume, it goes to suspend
 While you are working on suspend is there any plan to look at the WSOD
 - #1841? Lately, even dimming causes WSOD so not only that suspend
 isn't possible but even dim is not an option anymore... there is no way
 to conserve the batteries... and this makes the FR even less usable as
 a device for PDA (not even talking phone yet).
 As this constant energy draw (often all the way down to 0V) actually
 kills the battery really quickly. i really hope a fix will be available
 before our batteries get badly damaged by this...

I have not analyzed this issue yet. I think it's a kernel issue or
even hardware issue.  I have not much idea for this yet, I think for
this issue, I would change another panel to test first, and then measure
the electronic signals to see if it's conformed to the panel spec. 

 Petr Vanek
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Re: Optimization team update (11/23 ~ 11/29)

2008-12-01 Thread Jeremy Chang
On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 12:18:36AM +0300, Paul Fertser wrote:
 Andy Green [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
  Somebody in the thread at some point said:
  | Hi,
  | Andy Green [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes:
  |  For example some advice for Jeremy about suspend / resume issues
  | would be don't waste your time doing any suspend / resume work on
  | 2.6.24 kernel, only on andy-tracking.
  | I'm very sorry to jump in this thread. But this advice of yours is
  | so much surprising! It implicitly suggests that Jeremy might be unaware of
  | the fact that every sane person knows for like 2 months. Do i
  Every sane person :-)  No a lot of people are still using 2.6.24, all
  the distros are shipping it, it is in a branch called stable, it's not
  nuts if somebody tries to work on it.
 A lot of people are using, sure. But all the real work is done on
 *-tracking, it was obvious long ago from the commits, from the
 discussions, from the letter you posted earlier with the clear
 explanation about every branch's purpose.
  If he already knows it then fine, but people have been targeting
  stable in the last weeks for stuff that needs to be done on 2.6.28.
 That is strange. If they read the kernel list, then they already know
 what's going known and where you're heading. If they don't, how can
 they do kernel development then? Out of the context, in isolation?
 Just like samsung with their huge outdated patchsets, that can never
 be accepted upstream and therefore can be considered being dead before
 they born?
  | understand it right? How can it be possible at all? Everybody's so
  | excited about this Optimization team and you say they might
  | waste some time just because they don't lurk on -kernel mailing list?
  | No offence meant, but that is sooo strange...
  I fear I've missed your point... John Lee wrote that two folks in Taiwan
  are going to be working specifically on kernel stuff...
  ''Olv moved to look into kernel and fso. ... Jeremy will fix some qtopia
  bugs and keep working on suspend/resume issues.''
  I write to suggest they might get advantage if they coordinate kernel
  work on the kernel list -- at least we might not duplicate work on the
  same thing and there is a pretty fair amount of knowledge about Openmoko
  suspend / resume stuff on that list.
  What's sooo strange about that?
 Oh, you seem to be repeating the same thing you said earlier just to
 explain to me what's going on. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I
 think i understand you. The problem is that i'm not a native speaker
 and i tend to construct too complex sentences even in my native
 What i'm trying to explain is that i see it as plain obvious that
 anybody who wants to work on a kernel stuff should coordinate their
 efforts on the kernel list. That anybody targeting fixing bugs in
 suspend/resume knows about 2.6.24 deficiences long time ago. What you
 said to Jeremy sounded to me like: Hey, don't cross the street on red
 light, you might get hit by a car and die, you know. I was surprised
 that you treat a kernel developer from the optimization team like a
 child. If he is not experienced in kernel development why then didn't
 he ask you what kind of help was needed and decided to choose a task
 And why the optimization team is still trying to fix bugs in Qtopia
 and derivitaves? Let Nokia do their work, if they really want
 to. Wouldn't it be better for the optimization team to hack on FSO or
 at least (as they are in Taiwan, that should be easy for them) get
 those bloody 100uF capacitors in place to finally provide the users with a
 decent bass?
 I don't want to sound too harsh to the optimization team. I just don't
 see them being public enough, coordinating their efforts with the main
 developers (of FSO and kernel) enough, going forward enough. I'm just
 afraid that they are somewhat like that mythical interface design
 department that never publicly communicates and demands technical
 nonsense from the real developers. (btw, i still remember the idea of
 taking a screenshot before suspending, oh boy, that was a bad sign
 from the optimization team)
Hi, For now, I am working on fixing some qtopia stuff, to see if I
can fix some bugs for later release, as well I would like to look into
some kernel stuff. Ya, Andy has informed me that I should watch and work
with andy-tracking branch long time ago. I know that. though I am not a
skilled kernel guy. The same time I am indeed reading kernel mail list
and logs to catch up with. It will take me more time. 
Thanks your suggestion giving and thanks Andy. I am trying testing
suspend/resume recursively with a script, using werner's wkalrm. If
anything I get or any plan, anyway I will talk on kernl list, let it be
more public.

- Jeremy

 No personal offense meant.
 Be free, use free ( software!

Re: Paroli Base

2009-01-09 Thread Jeremy Chang
On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 09:40:03AM +0100, Mirko Lindner wrote:
 The Paroli Team wishes all of you a happy new year.
 Our last update was a while back but development continued and, despite 
 sickness, vacations, Christmas, New Year's as well as jet lags, a lot 
 has been accomplished.
 Most importantly, you can now find a paroli package in the testing 
 repository[1] which can be installed via opkg.
 The package[2] is at pre-alpha state but the main phone functions are 
 available and ready to be tested. Please note paroli is not considered a 
 daily phone app, yet. You will find it can be rather unstable at times 
 and might not always react the way you would expect ;) We hope that with 
 the help of the community and lots of hard work we can reach a state 
 where paroli can be considered reliable soon.
 Information on how to run and use paroli can be found here[3]
 We also have opened a new base for information, updates and bug tracking:
 The main part is a blog which we will use to inform of small changes, 
 publish tutorials and interesting facts we discover along the road. The 
 page also contains a rough overview of our goals and how we plan to get 
 there, it is a bit scarce right now, but will be filled up 
 continuously. We are hoping for your input via mail, irc, chat or 
 comment fields on our blog.
 Our new bug tracker resides at . It 
 is rather virgin up to now so we encourage you to test paroli and note 
 your findings ;)
 We also moved our source repository which can now be found at:;a=summary [4]
Execuse me?!  We changed from git.OM to here? 
Why I don't know this anytime before?
 As you can see the paroli has great plans for 2009 and we hope some of 
 you will join us and follow our efforts.
 /The paroli Team
 A rough overview about how this package differs from the last tichy package:
 Tichy migrated into paroli-core and is now a vital part of paroli.
 It is a slimmed down and more paroli focused version. Among other things 
 EFL is now the default graphical library and the starting process has 
 been optimized.Yaml was replaced with ParseConfig due to performance 
 issues.Plus lots of other small, nifty details.
 checkout via git clone
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