Re: [android] Answer calll problems

2008-11-05 Thread Paul Jimenez
Christophe Badoit wrote: Denis Galvão a écrit : Talked to hackbod on the #android freenode room. Im not sure if it is official, but this is what he told me yesterday. Thank you for the source. This is indeed bad news if all android apps have to be patched to be usable on the FR

Re: Android open sourced

2008-10-23 Thread Paul Jimenez
Nishit Dave wrote: On Wed, Oct 22, 2008 at 8:31 PM, Kishore [EMAIL PROTECTED]wrote: Since i got my neo rather recently, i have only tried 4.4.1. Is 4.3 still the better choice? A couple of days ago i lost my daily use phone (motoming A1200) and so i now need to use the FR as my daily

Re: VARTA Digital USB Charger

2008-10-15 Thread Paul Jimenez
Looks similar to the DIYer mintyboost' project: Radek Bartoň wrote: Hello list. I've just read an article about new VARTA Digital USB Charger so I'm

Re: RFC: delete page USB

2008-08-30 Thread Paul Jimenez
Don't delete it; someone will recreate it. Make it a redirect to the Category:USB page. Fredrik Wendt wrote: lör 2008-08-30 klockan 00:29 -0700 skrev Michael Shiloh: My comment: Just go ahead! :) / Fredrik

Re: MokSec - The Security Framework

2008-07-13 Thread Paul Jimenez
Alex Oberhauser wrote: Bumbl wrote: It would be more important to not run everything as root I think This will be also a main focus. When we receive the Freerunners, we will see how fast we can change this bad state. Personally, I'd be more interested in an encrypted

Re: questions for steve regarding group purchases

2008-05-08 Thread Paul Jimenez
steve wrote: Mass Pro is slated to start between may9 and may 16. Steve's rule say add a week. Then you got test, then you shipping. On Monday ( or maybe Sunday night for my EU friends ) I will do an update. Could you also include status of debug boards? Will they go on sale at the same

Re: Stylus Recommendation

2008-05-05 Thread Paul Jimenez
Ponoko has acrylic in 1/8 and some 1/4 thicknesses that you can get laser-cut for fairly reasonable prices - IIRC, they just opened a bay-area cut/ship center to reduce shipping in the US (they're originally from New Zealand!). Looks like a typical project from 7x7x1/8 acrylic is around $10-$20.

Re: Steve on V5 versus v6

2008-04-21 Thread Paul Jimenez
Related to making openmoko gear - is there vector art of the logo somewhere? I checked the wiki and couldn't find a reference, and checked and again came up empty. Inquiring minds want to know! Also, if it is published, we'd probably want some kind of license to use it that

Re: Charging Neo Freerunner via USB port

2008-04-18 Thread Paul Jimenez
Hi Michael, This is a good start, very informative. Some good additions, I think, would be: * Why does computer/usb charging max out at 500mA? is that a limitation of the USB spec? * you mention 'other manufacturers' that 'identify their own chargers' with various resistors... if

Re: FreeRunner Pricing and PVT update

2008-04-14 Thread Paul Jimenez
On Monday, Apr 14, 2008, steve writes: Ok thanks dirk. Frankly, some people thought the pouch sucked. If I ship a pouch, you have no choice. you get my pouch. My opinion: it's a phone sock. Ideally I would love to have the community develop this accessory if they want it. Anyone have

Re: Metal case [was: Application idea: Bicycle computer]

2008-03-18 Thread Paul Jimenez
How about a case that's part metal and part plastic? Make it plastic just around the antennas (which, IIRC are at the 'ends' of the phone) and metal everywhere else? Heck, it could end up having a *good* effect by being extra shielding between the antennas and the (noisy) electronics of the

Re: GTA02 Battery Capacity (Was: Re: More about the GTA02)

2008-02-14 Thread Paul Jimenez
On Thursday, Feb 14, 2008, Kyle Bassett writes: There is talk about pushing startup power control of the internal devices (wifi, bt, gps, mmc, etc.) to user level, as every user may or may not want certain devices available at bootup/all the time (availability vs. duration). Indeed, this along

Re: proprietary firmware

2008-02-07 Thread Paul Jimenez
+1 Software by its nature is easier to fix than hardware or even firmware; this approach does the Right Thing: vendors win because the firmware layer just got a whole lot easier to write and the rest of the world wins because we get as much control as legally permissible of our hardware. On

Re: Debug board

2007-09-15 Thread Paul Jimenez
On Saturday, Sep 15, 2007, Michael 'Mickey' Lauer writes: [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: does anyone happen to know if the debug board of the advanced Neo kit will be compatible with future versions of the Neo (or other FIC OpenMok o phones, at that)? It will definitely be compatible w/ GTA02. As for

Re: information efficient text enty using dasher

2007-05-29 Thread Paul Jimenez
On Tuesday, May 29, 2007, Peter Hoffmann writes: Hi i just stumbled over a video at the google talks series[0] about information-efficient text entry using dasher[1]. I think this is quite an interesting input method for mobile devices with touch screens or motion sensors. And it is open source

Neo-use idea

2007-03-19 Thread Paul Jimenez
If someone wants to repurpose the neo hardware, check out what the guys at tml are doing. They're sold out for now, but they might be worth talking to to see if they want to try and start from a base Neo and just add some

Re: Please no crossposting! Re: Information regarding theMessaging Support in OpenMoko

2007-02-01 Thread Paul Jimenez
I think a good Jabber client could totally supplant MMS - it support file transfers, which is all MMS really does (I think), as well as things MMS never dreamed of like encryption and presence and etc. Putting a good mobile-UI on, say, Psi or one of the other open source Jabber clients shouldn't

Re: Developers phone also fit for early adopters?

2007-01-26 Thread Paul Jimenez
Sean please just ignore idiots like this. The rest of us know you're doing the best job you can and want to see the phone out ASAP just as much as we do. In summary: ignore the trolls and keep doing what you're doing. --pj On Saturday, Jan 27, 2007, Sean Moss-Pultz writes: On 1/26/07 9:40

Idea for OpenMoko: Kid Mode

2007-01-24 Thread Paul Jimenez
How about a locked-down 'kid version' of the UI with touchable pictures for 'mommy', 'daddy', etc ? Maybe not even labelled, but just the pictures? --pj ___ OpenMoko community mailing list