[computer-go] Re: More than one Surrounding Block

2007-02-20 Thread Martin Mueller
I have a question for the group: How is a miai connection strategy created for a color enclosed region when their are multiple enclosing blocks involved with one or more interior defender blocks? Martin Muller's paper Recognizing Secure Territories in Computer Go By Using Static Rules and

[computer-go] re: Fuego

2008-07-08 Thread Martin Mueller
Is this game independent kernel also used for Alberta's general game playing entry? No. We have programs for Go (several), Hex and Amazons that use it. Martin ___ computer-go mailing list computer-go@computer-go.org

[computer-go] Seki in playouts

2008-08-12 Thread Martin Mueller
I did not realize that his program, even with a large tree, would not be able to recognize the seki. I knew of course that the original Mogo playouts had this problem, but I thought all strong programs had solved it by now... Hello Erik, seki in playouts is still an unsolved problem for

[computer-go] re-CGT approximating the sum of subgames

2009-02-18 Thread Martin Mueller
I've been looking into CGT lately and I stumbled on some articles about approximating strategies for determining the sum of subgames (Thermostrat, MixedStrat, HotStrat etc.) It is not clear to me why approximating strategies are needed. What is the problem? Is Ko the problem? Is an exact

[computer-go] re-CGT approximating the sum of subgames

2009-02-18 Thread Martin Mueller
I can see in your examples here that the space complexity of the sum itself grows like 2^terms if the terms are simple forms but not numbers. (I also took the liberty of adding your examples to my unit tests :) Does computation time grow much faster than this? Not sure how bad the worst

[computer-go] The Zen program

2009-03-26 Thread Martin Mueller
Zen has been getting very impressive results on CGOS. Yamato-san, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your program? Thanks Martin ___ computer-go mailing list computer-go@computer-go.org

[computer-go] Fuego technical report

2009-05-04 Thread Martin Mueller
Our technical report describing the Fuego framework is now available on http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/research/techreports/2009/TR09-08.php I will probably make at least one more revision, so all feedback and suggestions are welcome. Thank you Martin

[computer-go] Re: Fuego technical report

2009-05-06 Thread Martin Mueller
How do you set the number of threads that you want Fuego to use? E.g. for 4 threads uct_param_search number_threads 4 This can go e.g. in a config file, or you can set it in GoGui in the Uct Param Search dialog. You could also play with pondering on, and reuse the subtree from the

Re: [computer-go] Cross-Question on Pamplona

2009-05-21 Thread Martin Mueller
Human players use reading (yomi) and feeling (kankaku) to play Go. In MC programs, I think the reading is equivalent to UCT, and the feeling is equivalent to playouts. The reading is scalable, the feeling is not. If 2 programs have the playout algorithms of same level, The one which used

[computer-go] Report on Fuego in Pamplona

2009-05-26 Thread Martin Mueller
Hello all, I have uploaded a technical report, mainly with commented Fuego games from Pamplona. Lukasz, it has the config settings in an appendix. Fuego at the Computer Olympiad in Pamplona 2009: a Tournament Report http://www.cs.ualberta.ca/research/techreports/2009/TR09-09.php As always,

[computer-go] Re: Report on Fuego in Pamplona

2009-05-29 Thread Martin Mueller
Thank you for sharing. And I have a question. Did it use Nakade Heuristic and fillboardTries in the play out policy? No, we could not get those to work with Fuego. I believe that our selfatari correction may have a similar effect to the nakade heuristic. I don't remember if we did a lot

[computer-go] re-Is anyone attending IJCAI?

2009-05-29 Thread Martin Mueller
I will be there for the main conference only. Martin ___ computer-go mailing list computer-go@computer-go.org http://www.computer-go.org/mailman/listinfo/computer-go/

[computer-go] Re: fuego strength

2009-06-23 Thread Martin Mueller
I agree with keeping the GnuGo anchor. My understanding is that Don wanted to bundle one or more fast programs with the server, so that some opponents would always be available. But I think that the rating of bundled programs should not be fixed. Right now we're relying on volunteers to

[computer-go] Random weighted patterns

2009-07-16 Thread Martin Mueller
If you want to take many samples from a fixed, or infrequently changing, distribution, you can do it in O(1) time per sample, with O(n) initial setup costs. This is quite clever and goes by the name of alias method. See http://cg.scs.carleton.ca/~luc/rnbookindex.html, page 107-111 For

[computer-go] please fix Fuego4C4PlaPo20Mno on CGOS

2009-07-23 Thread Martin Mueller
As Hiroshi said in an earlier mail - whoever is running this version of Fuego - please fix the config file so that it captures dead stones. Just add the line: go_rules cgos For example, gnugo-3.7.12-mc scores 22 / 34 against Fuego4C4PlaPo20Mno - I suspect because of this issue - while it

[computer-go] RAVE problems

2009-08-06 Thread Martin Mueller
While RAVE is a very strong heuristic, in Fuego it occasionally suppresses the only good move. Do others have similar experiences? Here are two cases that I just added to our regression tests. Does anyone have more?

[computer-go] Bulky nakade shapes (was: Mercy rule position)

2009-08-19 Thread Martin Mueller
Fuego has no trouble with the mercy rule here - I guess our threshold is high enough. However, it has no clue about how to play out the nakade shape. So it starts out with 57% wins for White, and it needs maybe 30K simulations until the search pushes it below 50%. Then the score keeps

[computer-go] Bulky nakade shapes

2009-08-19 Thread Martin Mueller
Following Mogo, Pebbles uses the 3-in-a-row modification that automatically plays in the center of 3-point eyeshapes. Fuego's rules triples the chance of making a correct play when a 3-point eyespace exists, but does not guarantee that any play will be made. The rules do guarantee that the best

[computer-go] Conjectures on Fuego

2009-10-03 Thread Martin Mueller
Interesting! I got confused by GoUctUtil::IsMutualAtari, but now I'm not sure if it is even really used, nor exactly what is it supposed to actually test in that condition. :-) Then it turns out that I'm already implementing pretty much all the tests in Pachi as Fuego is, just probably way too

[computer-go] still an outstanding command

2009-10-06 Thread Martin Mueller
This is caused by the fact that both CzechBot and Fuego (probably) were stuck up in reading, probably either getting dead-locked or stuck in some infinite loop; so in fact the outstanding command was genmove, and neither of these ever chose which move to play. CzechBot wasn't even printing

[computer-go] Software for a supercomputer?

2009-10-09 Thread Martin Mueller
I am now asking for help. Do you know which program could be used for best performance (or most cores)? Is it easy to set up things running? (I need to decide soon whether I will organize it or not.) My guess would be - either Mogo, or Fuego with IBM's BlueFuego MPI extension. We have

[computer-go] First ever win of a computer against a pro 9P as black (game of Go, 9x9).

2009-10-26 Thread Martin Mueller
Congratulations Olivier and the MoGo team! Good job! Now let us know the secrets of MoGoTW :) Did you get pro commentary on the game? Martin ___ computer-go mailing list computer-go@computer-go.org

[computer-go] Fuego parameter question

2009-12-07 Thread Martin Mueller
You use the current developers version svn985. Use the stable version fuego 0.4 instead. The performance (winning rate) on KGS of the current svn985 is much worse than the 0.4 version as i noticed. GK Hmm, something sounds very wrong here. a) the current version is 1062, as you can see

[computer-go] Reminder: IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games Special Issue on Monte Carlo Techniques and Computer Go

2010-01-14 Thread Martin Mueller
IEEE Transactions on Computational Intelligence and AI in Games Special Issue on Monte Carlo Techniques and Computer Go Special-issue editors: Chang-Shing Lee, Martin Müller, Olivier Teytaud In the last few years Monte Carlo Tree Search (MCTS) has revolutionised Computer Go, with MCTS

[computer-go] Re: Pachi/fuego GnuGo hybrid

2010-01-18 Thread Martin Mueller
Has anyone tried doing pachi/Fuego + GnuGo hybrid slightly in way Many FAces is done? We have an experimental version that uses knowledge from my old program Explorer in Fuego. It gives a bonus in terms of a number of won simulations to moves considered good by the knowledge. As shown in

Re: [Computer-go] Teaching Deep Convolutional Neural Networks to Play Go

2014-12-19 Thread Martin Mueller
I put two commented games on http://webdocs.cs.ualberta.ca/~mmueller/fuego/Convolutional-Neural-Network.html http://webdocs.cs.ualberta.ca/~mmueller/fuego/Convolutional-Neural-Network.html Enjoy! Martin ___ Computer-go mailing list

Re: [Computer-go] Move Evaluation in Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

2014-12-20 Thread Martin Mueller
I think many of the programs have a mechanism for dealing with “slow” knowledge. For example in Fuego, you can call a knowledge function for each node that reaches some threshold T of playouts. The new technical challenge is dealing with the GPU. I know nothing about it myself, but from what I

[Computer-go] Fuego 1.1 vs current Fuego

2014-12-20 Thread Martin Mueller
I ran Fuego (latest svn version) on our machine (Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU Aja, the 1.1 release of Fuego is from 2011 and much different from current svn Fuego. Current version has many different kinds of knowledge added. It is also much slower, maybe 5x. If you read my blog it explains this a

Re: [Computer-go] Fuego 1.1 vs current Fuego

2014-12-21 Thread Martin Mueller
You remind me we should write Fuego's version as 1.1.SVN rather than 1.1”. Aja, 1.1.SVN does not tell the reader anything useful. the svn revision number is given by the svn info command. That revision number allows you to check out the exactly same program version. % svn info … Revision:

Re: [Computer-go] Move Evaluation in Go Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

2014-12-21 Thread Martin Mueller
Aja and co-authors, first of all, congratulations on outstanding results! I have some questions: - Would you be willing to share some of the sgf game records played by your network with the community? I tried to replay the game record in your paper, but got stuck since it does not show any

Re: [Computer-go] Fuego 1.1 vs current Fuego

2014-12-23 Thread Martin Mueller
Hello Hiroshi, we want to release a version 2.0. There is still some clean-up work to do for a release and progress is slow. But there is progress :) https://sourceforge.net/p/fuego/tickets/ https://sourceforge.net/p/fuego/tickets/ Martin I also wonder Fuego could release latest

[Computer-go] Last move info as features

2014-12-23 Thread Martin Mueller
From: Stefan Kaitschick stefan.kaitsch...@hamburg.de mailto:stefan.kaitsch...@hamburg.de ... Last move info is a strange beast, isn't it? I mean, except for ko captures, it doesn't really add information to the position. The correct prediction rate is such an obvious metric, but maybe

[Computer-go] UEC cup about to start

2015-03-13 Thread Martin Mueller
The 8th UEC Cup will start in a few hours. The top two programs get to play Cho Chikun on the 17th of March in Densei-sen. http://jsb.cs.uec.ac.jp/~igo/eng/ http://jsb.cs.uec.ac.jp/~igo/eng/ http://jsb.cs.uec.ac.jp/~igo/eng/participant.html http://jsb.cs.uec.ac.jp/~igo/eng/participant.html

Re: [Computer-go] CGT endgame solver

2015-07-14 Thread Martin Mueller
Hello Josef et al, unfortunately, not too much has happened since Explorer in terms of applying CGT to computer Go. For real play, there are large obstacles in terms of board partitioning, selecting strong local moves, and local evaluation (e.g. safety of stones, and necessary backfilling

[Computer-go] How to only play games with correct handicap on KGS?

2015-10-01 Thread Martin Mueller
I have a new version of Fuego playing on KGS as ranked robot fuego19. I would like people to play with correct handicap to get a more reliable rating. Is there a way to do this with kgsgtp? Thanks Martin ___ Computer-go mailing list

[Computer-go] Recognizing Seki

2016-01-18 Thread Martin Mueller
We wrote a paper 10 years ago about how to recognize seki with “traditional” search techniques (not MCTS) X. Niu, A. Kishimoto, and M. Müller. Recognizing seki in computer Go . In J. van den Herik, S.-C. Hsu, T.-s. Hsu, and H. Donkers,

Re: [Computer-go] Game 4: a rare insight

2016-03-13 Thread Martin Mueller
On Mar 13, 2016, at 6:00 AM, computer-go-requ...@computer-go.org wrote: > >> So, what would be Lee's best effort to exploit this? Complicating >> and playing hopefully-unexpected-tesuji moves? Judging from this game, setting up multiple interrelated tactical fights, such that no subset of them

Re: [Computer-go] Hosting mid-level bots on CGOS

2018-03-15 Thread Martin Mueller
> We're thinking about putting Pachi, Fuego, and the like on CGOS. I have a > few questions: > - Are the authors okay with us using our own compute resources to put their > bots up on CGOS? > - Do people have recommended hardware / configuration settings to run these > bots? Hello Brian, I can

Re: [Computer-go] PUCT formula

2018-03-09 Thread Martin Mueller
I talked to Chenjun just now so this is what we both remember. The PUCB formula as published in Chris Rosin’s paper actually has an additive knowledge term, and it looks nothing like the two different PUCT variants tried in AlphaGo and our paper. Chenjun tried an additive term as in Chris’

[Computer-go] Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Alberta, including Computer Go

2019-08-13 Thread Martin Mueller
Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Alberta in Artificial Intelligence Applicants are sought for a postdoctoral position in the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. The Department is ranked top 3 in the world in AI/ML according to csrankings.org. The

Re: [Computer-go] Crazy Stone is playing on CGOS 9x9

2020-05-07 Thread Martin Mueller
http://www.yss-aya.com/cgos/viewer.cgi?9x9/SGF/2020/05/07/997479.sgf Great games! This is my favorite so far. The way black lives inside the super-safe white area is incredible... Martin ___ Computer-go mailing list Computer-go@computer-go.org