Levels of security according to the easiness to steel biometric data

2008-04-02 Thread Danilo Gligoroski
guess that stealing information of someone's face is easier than stealing information about someone's fingerprints, but stealing information about someone's retina would be much harder. Such a scale can be useful in the design of secure protocols and secured information systems. Danilo Gligoroski

Re: History, context, QKD and the Internet

2007-06-27 Thread Danilo Gligoroski
At 11:08 PM 6/26/2007, John Lowry wrote: ... Also, a small revolution has been taking place while discussion (on this list anyway) has focused on 1st generation QKD. Several very high speed (up to nominal line speed) systems have been proposed. Long-haul all- optical networks are being

Re: Solving systems of multivariate polynomials modulo 2^32

2006-08-21 Thread Danilo Gligoroski
is built over Z_{2^x}[x_1,x_2,...,x_m] then the number of variables m have to be at least 80 (or 128, or 196, ...) in order to eliminate the Hansel lifting as a form of attack. But that is another story ... Thank you. Danilo Gligoroski

Re: Solving systems of multivariate polynomials modulo 2^32

2006-08-16 Thread Danilo Gligoroski
Danilo Gligoroski writes: [...] solve a system of 3 polynomials of order 3 with 3 variables x1, x2 and x3 in the set Z_{2^32} and coeficients also in Z_{2^32} [...] David Wagner wrote: Here is a trick that should solve these kinds of equations extremely quickly. First, you solve the system

Solving systems of multivariate polynomials modulo 2^32

2006-08-14 Thread Danilo Gligoroski
just solving polynomials (univariate or multivariate) modulo 2^32. I will appreciate any hint or coment. Regards, Danilo Gligoroski - The Cryptography Mailing List Unsubscribe by sending unsubscribe cryptography to [EMAIL