Re: OpenJFX 9 integration

2017-10-17 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Hello Emmanuel, Thank you for your hard work on OpenJFX! Although I like Plan C, it has more issues like:   * Circular build-dependency between openjdk and openjfx (or there is already one?)   * Strange versioning pattern of openjdk rebuilds. (9~b181-5+ vs 9~b181-5+b1) Looks like the

Re: Security issue in groovy<2.5.0

2017-09-06 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Group does not seem incorrect to me. However, I'm curious about the situation when someone wants to upload a simple change to an orphaned package. Do people refrain from it or they simply do a non-maintainer upload? Felix Natter 於 2017/9/5 上午3:35 寫道: > 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan <seamli...@gma

Re: adding a pom.xml to package that does not use maven

2017-08-22 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Hello Carnë, maven-repo-helper will install the Java libraries to `/usr/share/java` for you because of the `--java-lib` option in step 4, so you can remove line 3 of [1]. [1]: Carnë Draug

Re: Security issue in groovy<2.5.0

2017-09-04 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Hello Natter, Since it's just one commit, I suggest you put it as a patch in `debian/patches`. When someone is updating the package to 2.5.0, she can just remove it. Felix Natter 於 2017/9/2 下午10:35 寫道: > hello Emmanuel, > > Felix Natter writes: >>> Le 26/08/2017 à 18:14,

Re: OpenJFX 9 integration

2017-10-22 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
(D) doesn't seem good to me, since lot of apps are using JavaFX (e.g. NetBeans and Bisq). These apps won't even launch using Debian's default JRE if OpenJFX isn't included, which would be quite annoying to some users. Matthias Klose 於 2017年10月22日 18:57 寫道: > On 12.10.2017 13:13, Emmanuel Bourg

Re: OpenJFX 9 integration

2017-10-24 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Why not keep the source package name as "openjfx" and then name the binary package "openjdk-9-jfx"? Emmanuel Bourg 於 2017年10月23日 07:00 寫道: > Le 22/10/2017 à 12:57, Matthias Klose a écrit : > >> Are you aware if upstream is aware of these issues, and if they intend to >> stop >> using internal

RFS: dd-plist/1.20-1 -- Java library for working with property lists [ITP]

2018-05-17 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
* Package-Name : dd-plist * Version : 1.20-1 * License : MIT * Programming-Lang: Java * Description : Java library for working with property lists * Vcs : * Wnpp: This package builds the following binary package: *

Rebuild "procyon" for Relocating jcommander

2018-02-14 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
I have relocated jcommander from version "1.x" to "debian". However, "procyon" [1] will FTBFS since Gradle does not support Maven relocation. I have pushed the fix to Alioth. [1]: signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

Re: RFS: maven-repo-helper-extras/0.1 [ITP]

2018-02-17 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
tools into "maven-debian-helper" because the whole point was to make them available for both Gradle and Maven packages. [1]: Markus Koschany 於 2018年02月18日 星期日 01:18 上午 寫道: > Hi, > > Am 16.02.2018 um 15:47 schrieb 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan: >> I wro

Re: RFS: maven-repo-helper-extras/0.1 [ITP]

2018-02-22 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
/ref/current/apidocs/org/apache/maven/model/io/xpp3/MavenXpp3Reader.html Emmanuel Bourg 於 2018年02月20日 星期二 07:48 上午 寫道: > Le 16/02/2018 à 15:47, 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan a écrit : > >> "mh_shlibdeps" works just like "dh_shlibdeps". It examines the Maven >> artifac

Re: GSoC 2018: Recursively building Java dependencies from source

2018-02-22 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
I do help a lot in the debian-java team, so I might be able to provide some help in this project. But as I have chosen another project (Android SDK in Debian) as co-mentor, I will not co-mentor this one but I will keep tracking the progress. Daniel Pocock 於 2018年02月21日 星期三 06:35 上午 寫道: > > Hi

RFS: maven-repo-helper-extras/0.1 [ITP]

2018-02-16 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
I wrote 2 Debhelper plugins for easing maintenance of packages with Maven artifacts. They are in a new package called "maven-repo-helper-extras" [1]. "mh_shlibdeps" works just like "dh_shlibdeps". It examines the Maven artifacts installed by a package and generate "${maven:Depends}" in a

Re: shouldn't openjdk-11-jre have maintainer as instead of and openjfx

2018-08-24 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Hello Shirish, > Btw, do you mean the gradle version in 'experimental' by any chance ? > > $ apt-cache policy gradle > gradle: > Installed: 3.4.1-7 > Candidate: 3.4.1-7 > Version table: > 4.4-1 100 > 100 experimental/main amd64 Packages > ***

Re: Updating BND to 3.x

2018-03-14 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
I pushed a change to rename all JAR names to "bnd-*.jar". Emmanuel Bourg 於 2018年03月10日 星期六 05:14 下午 寫道: > Le 10/03/2018 à 07:45, 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan a écrit : > >> Thanks to Markus, the FTBFS are now limited to: >> >> * apache-directory-server >> * jackson

Re: Updating BND to 3.x

2018-03-09 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
4322e0d0717a6e581fd6cb8cc666a95b992e42 [3]: Emmanuel Bourg 於 2018年03月05日 星期一 08:44 下午 寫道: > Le 04/03/2018 à 15:41, 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan a écrit : >> I have been working on updating "

Re: Updating BND to 3.x

2018-03-15 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
Done. Emmanuel Bourg 於 2018年03月14日 星期三 09:46 下午 寫道: > Le 14/03/2018 à 07:12, 殷啟聰 | Kai-Chung Yan a écrit : >> I pushed a change to rename all JAR names to "bnd-*.jar". > Could you also push the updated debian/changelog file? signature.asc Description: OpenPGP digital signature

RFS: felix-resolver/1.14.0-1 [ITP]

2018-03-07 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
I have prepared a new package "felix-resolver": * Version : 1.14.0-1 * License : Apache-2.0 * Programming Lang: Java * Description : OSGi Resolver implementation by Apache Felix * Vcs : It builds these binary packages: *

Updating BND to 3.x

2018-03-04 Thread | Kai-Chung Yan
I have been working on updating "bnd"[1] to 3.5.0. I had to say this time it is much smoother than what Markus did 2 years ago. Here is a summary of the progress so far: * All changes to "bnd" are now temporarily stored on Salsa [2] * Introduced new dependency "felix-resolver" [3] * Updated