Re: Intent to prototype HTML:inert

2020-06-24 Thread pepelsbey
Great news! Once you have it in Nightly, please don’t forget to update the MDN data. I’m currently trying to fix it for existing behind-the-flag implementations ___ dev-platform mailing list

Intent to ship: returning shared memory to the web

2020-06-24 Thread Anne van Kesteren
At the end of August 2019 we expressed an intent to prototype the re-enablement of SharedArrayBuffer[1]. Many bugs and design iterations later, we’re happy to announce that it’s now ready. We would like to ship this in Firefox 79 or 80. To do this in a post-Spectre-safe manner we have worked with

TC39 76th meeting (June, 2020)

2020-06-24 Thread Yulia Startsev
Hi everyone, I have published the summary for the June 2020 TC39 meeting. TC39 standardizes JavaScript. If you want to know more, but don't know how to get started, scroll to the end of this email for some helpful links. *Important links:* * Proposal Summaries and Comments

Soft code freeze for Firefox 79 starts June 25

2020-06-24 Thread Ryan VanderMeulen
With Firefox 78 now in the RC phase, we are nearing the end of the Nightly 79 cycle. In order to avoid invalidating the testing we get out of late Nightly and to ensure that we can roll out Beta 79 to a wider audience with confidence next week, we'd like to ask that any risky changes be avoided

Re: Intent to Ship : HTML5 element (Nightly Only)

2020-06-24 Thread James Teh
While this doesn't need to block shipping in Nightly, I think we should consider advocating for the focus behaviour to be changed (and changing it in Firefox if we can get it into the spec) before we ship to release. The currently specified behaviour (and what both Firefox and Chrome implement)

Intent to ship: WebAssembly bulk-memory-operations and reference-types proposals

2020-06-24 Thread Ryan Hunt
Hi all, In bug 1528294 and bug 1637884 I intend to ship the WebAssembly bulk-memory-operations and reference-types proposals. The bulk-memory-operations proposal adds new instructions for common data manipulation operations such as 'memcpy' and 'memset'. WebAssembly code using these instructions

Re: Please don't use functions from ctype.h and strings.h

2020-06-24 Thread Chris Peterson
On 8/27/2018 7:00 AM, Henri Sivonen wrote: I think it's worthwhile to have a lint, but regexps are likely to have false positives, so using clang-tidy is probably better. A bug is on file: On Mon, Aug 27, 2018 at 4:06 PM, Tom Ritter wrote:

Intent to Ship : HTML5 element (Nightly Only)

2020-06-24 Thread Sean Feng
Intent to Ship (Nightly Only) : Dialog Element ​ Hi All, ​ In bug 1645046 , I intend to turn html5 element on by default in Nightly. It has been developed behind the dom.dialog_element.enabled preference. ​ Meta Tracking Bug: