Re: [O] Beamer title is (incorrectly?) outside of a frame

2013-12-23 Thread Nicolas Goaziou

James Harkins writes:

 One question, though: How would I determine the LaTeX document class

  (plist-get info :latex-class)


Nicolas Goaziou

Re: [O] [PATCH] Table continuation strings

2013-12-23 Thread Nicolas Goaziou

Yasushi SHOJI writes:

 That means that whenever your-choice-of-coding-system can handle the
 characters for the translation string, meaning that the coding
 system has code points for all of the characters of the translation
 string and Emacs can convert between them, it is free to use any
 character for the output, right?

 If one wants to use French, she sets the current buffer coding system
 to any coding system which can handle French and set the language
 option as fr.  In that case, her/his org buffer should already have
 French characters in it, there is no need for translation string to be
 strictly ASCII only when you export with plain / ascii, no?

There's a limitation: if you use Latin1 characters (e.g. when you write
in French), you cannot export to text/ascii anymore.

So, if, for some reason, you really need to export to ascii only, but
still need to write in french, you have to be careful not to use any of
these Latin1 characters, in particular in translated strings. Similarly,
Japanese :ascii entries could be written using romanji.

I don't know to what extent it is useful, though.

 I'm checking exporters I use, including plain text and html, but it
 doesn't seems to go wrong. But I really needs some help for other
 back-ends. I'll post a patch for testing if anyone's interested in.

Good idea.

You can also set entries to :default and provide a different :latex
value, if required.


Nicolas Goaziou

Re: [O] Missing contrib packages

2013-12-23 Thread Achim Gratz

Am 22.12.2013 09:44, schrieb Bastien:

htmlize.el was not included so far when packaging the org-plus-contrib
ELPA package, I fixed this, thanks.

There is nothing to fix here, if you install Org from ELPA presumably 
you'd be able to install htmlize via package manager also.  Org has no 
business distributing this file via ELPA.


(on the road :-)

Re: [O] [bug] Partially disable interpretation of subscripts

2013-12-23 Thread Sebastien Vauban
Hello Nicolas,

 Sebastien Vauban writes:
 In order to be able to write names such as CODE_STATUT without STATUT
 being written in subscript, I'm using the {} value for the ^ option.

 Though, doing so,

 - a_b is interpreted as subscript
 - a_{b} is left as is

 In a way, the opposite of what I'm expecting.
 Am I missing something?

 No, I forgot a `not' in a recent patch. This should now be fixed.


 Thank you for reporting it.

Thank you for fixing quickly.

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

Re: [O] Missing contrib packages

2013-12-23 Thread Sebastien Vauban
Hello Achim,

Achim Gratz wrote:
 Am 22.12.2013 09:44, schrieb Bastien:
 htmlize.el was not included so far when packaging the
 org-plus-contrib ELPA package, I fixed this, thanks.

 There is nothing to fix here, if you install Org from ELPA presumably
 you'd be able to install htmlize via package manager also. Org has no
 business distributing this file via ELPA.

I'm not sure about that.

AFAIU, Org has its own (patched) version of htmlize.el, (one of the)
reason it's in contrib.

  │ htmlize.el 21 November 2008 :
  │ ;; Author: Hrvoje Niksic address@hidden
  │ ;; Modified by: Carsten Dominik carsten at orgmode dot org


Or was it had it own version, as I don't see Carsten's name anymore in
the file header?

Best regards,

Sebastien Vauban

Re: [O] re-export using same options

2013-12-23 Thread Charles Berry
Daniel Clemente n142857 at writes:

 Can I re-export using the last settings? 
  C-u C-c C-e
   Thanks, that makes it faster, but you need to be in the same subtree. 

Not so.

Recent versions of org-mode use this variable to find the subtree:

org-export-dispatch-last-position is a variable defined in `ox.el'.
Its value is #marker at 219 in *scratch*

The position where the last export command was created using the dispatcher.
This marker will be used with `C-u C-c C-e' to make sure export repetition
uses the same subtree if the previous command was restricted to a subtree.

and it appears to update during edits so that same the subtree is found
in subsequent exports. This

 If the current buffer hasn't changed and subtree export 
 was activated, the command will affect that same subtree.

seems to say that buffer edits will break C-u C-c C-e, but 
that did not happen in the examples I tried.

 Is there something that also remembers which subtree was exported?

If you still think there is a problem, you should produce an ECM[1] to
demonstrate it.


[O] How to Supress Block Eval on iCalendar Export

2013-12-23 Thread Daniel E. Doherty

I sync my org calendar with my Android phone by periodically running a
process that exports my agenda files in iCal format.  I have this run
periodically, once every four hours or so.

My problem is that in combining the agenda files the exporter appears to
tangle the file, or in some way run the src blocks in the agenda files.

I don't want it to do this since I'm only interested in extracting the
appointments and TODOs.  It also sometimes throws up prompts about
saving a file modified by the processing (I'm guessing).  After a
weekend, I often have five to ten of these jobs stacked up waiting for
me to respond to the prompt.

Is there a way to supress running code block in the case of 'icalendar

I guess out of curiosity, is it a good idea to be executing them by
default for this exporter?


Daniel E. Doherty

Re: [O] Bug: Bad ODT files when including multiple images [7.9.3f (release_7.9.3f-17-g7524ef at /usr/share/emacs/24.3/lisp/org/)]

2013-12-23 Thread Tim
At Thu, 19 Dec 2013 00:43:57 +0530,
Jambunathan K wrote:
 The following message is a courtesy copy of an article
 that has been posted to gmane.emacs.orgmode as well.
 The fix is available in private repository:

I was able to download the relevant files and my export now works as expected.

Thank you very much !!

Happy Holidays.


[O] Make ,* show up as * in babel blocks

2013-12-23 Thread Oleh
Hi all,

When a line of babel source code starts with leading star
(also some other characters, see `org-unescape-code-in-string')
org-mode auto-escapes it with a comma.
I assume that there's no easy way not to add the comma.
But I think it should be possible to fontify it as if it's not there.

This comma is auto-removed for purposes of evaluation
or when switching to native mode to edit a source block.

The issue is that it's not removed when viewing the org-file.

Small example to illustrate: J souce */ 2 2 displays as

#+begin_src J
,*/ 2 2

I've found a work around:

(defvar keyword-comma-star
  '((^\\(,\\*\\) (1 (prog1 ()
(compose-region (match-beginning 1)
(match-end 1)
(font-lock-add-keywords 'org-mode keyword-comma-star)

Is this good enough to add to org-babel core?
Maybe someone has a different option to fix the issue?


Re: [O] date next year

2013-12-23 Thread Erik Hetzner
At Fri, 20 Dec 2013 12:34:43 + (UTC),
Rene wrote:
 How can I set org-agenda-custom-commands so that I can get the tasks past a
 date in the coming year?
 Suppose I'm interested in things past next september.  This
Next year's appointments
tags TIMESTAMP=\2014-09-01\)
 works alright as long as we are before that date but won't work anymore next
 october.  I would have to modify my org config file each year.
 Is there a generic way to indicate next year?

Hi Rene,

I don’t think there is a generic way, but you can use something like
this for your agenda view:

   Next year's appointments
   tags (format TIMESTAMP=\%s-09-01\  (+ 1 (calendar-extract-year 

best, Erik

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