[Felvtalk] Dublin woke up from surgery blind

2012-02-15 Thread Anne Myles
I am devastated -- my FeLV boy Dublin had major dental surgery yesterday to remove the rest of his teeth due to severe stomatitis and feline resorptive lesions (his third dental surgery in six months). He came through OK it seemed, and his bloodwork turned out to be very promising (his mild

Re: [Felvtalk] Dublin woke up from surgery blind - UPDATE

2012-02-15 Thread Anne Myles
Well I got surprisingly good news when I stopped at the vet around 5:00! Dublin is calmer, he drank and ate well, AND his pupils are showing light reflex now!! They constricted and he even flinched away when the vet shone the light in his eyes. So at least he should be able to sense light and

Re: [Felvtalk] Off day / couple of questions

2011-11-18 Thread Anne Myles
I had my Dublin to the vet today for full bloodwork. Though I only heard the results on the phone, it apparently looked pretty good. His red blood cells were just below the normal range (29 with 30 as the low end of normal) -- the vet is going to research the protocols for helping to bring it up

[Felvtalk] Off day / couple of questions

2011-11-15 Thread Anne Myles
My Dublin seems to be doing quite well over all, happy and playful most days and eats anything that isn't nailed to the floor. Once or twice, though, he's had an off day, most recently Sunday. On Sunday, he kept his eyes shut or barely squinted them open, and he seemed lethargic. He did eat

Re: [Felvtalk] New needle-less vaccine for FeLV

2011-11-02 Thread Anne Myles
This is the vaccine my C.J. just got in the past month. It's supposed to be about 99% effective according to the literature and much safer in regard to the chance of vaccine-related sarcoma. My understanding is that it's what vets who keep up with the cutting edge are using now. I don't

[Felvtalk] Hi, new member here

2011-11-01 Thread Anne Myles
Hi, wanted to introduce myself and my cats. I adopted two new adult kitties from a rural no-kill shelter in my area a little over a month ago, after my 15-year-old cat passed away. Little orange Dublin and hunky white and tabby C.J. are both about two years old males -- Dublin more of an

[Felvtalk] New member (correcting an error)

2011-11-01 Thread Anne Myles
I meant to write, of course, that I was told that false POSITIVES are common but false negatives are virtually unheard of. My vet kind of shrugged when I told him that, though no one can give me a good account of why Dublin had a negative ELISA on his re-test when he is very clearly positive.