[Fis] vann1936 - neophyte in the FIS community

2013-04-15 Thread vann1936
Dear colleagues in FIS In connection with the coming FIS Conference in Moscow (May 2013) permit me to introduce myself as a geographer looking to combine information from natural and social sciences on the Earth envelop where peoples of different cultures live and change their physical

[Fis] Hello from Milton Keynes

2013-04-15 Thread David Chapman
Dear Pedro and FIS people, Thank you, Pedro, for adding Chris, Magnus and me to your list and for your words about the DTMD 2013 workshop at the Open University. We are pleased that you found it good, and we in turn are very grateful for your extremely valuable participation as a keynote

Re: [Fis] FW: fis Digest, Vol 570, Issue 2

2013-04-15 Thread Rafael Capurro
Bill, if you go to http://www.capurro.de/info5.html you will find on p. 225 ff my interpretation of MacKay's information concept in the context of other theories of that time See particularly footnote 440: Information: that which determines form and that which justifies representational

[Fis] [Fwd: information between living and nonliving circle]

2013-04-15 Thread Pedro C. Marijuan
Original Message Subject:information between living and nonliving circle Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 17:24:37 +0800 From: Xueshan Yan y...@pku.edu.cn Reply-To: y...@pku.edu.cn Organization: CHINAPKU To: Pedro C. Marijuán pcmarijuan.i...@aragon.es CC:

Re: [Fis] About FIS 2005

2013-04-15 Thread Bob Logan
Dear Xueshan - re Nalewajski's conjecture that molecular systems have information I am skeptical. The word information originated with the idea of forming the mind according to the OED. Information as far as I am concerned requires a sentient being to receive and understand it. Molecules and

Re: [Fis] About FIS 2005

2013-04-15 Thread John Collier
Bob, Xueshan, others, This is an issue that I think more terminological than anything else, and I think that there is no correct answer. The problem is more to find the relations between different uses of information that are current in science ( Kinds of Information in Scientific Use. 2011.